After successfully providing a 3.76kW Solar PV System in 2011, our customer invited us back to install an Air Source Heat Pump to his existing Radiator system.

A combined solar PV and air source heat pump installation in Cornwall.

We carried out detailed assessment of the property to ensure heat loss calculations were as accurate as possible. As the building is quite an old building these calculations were vital in ensuring that the correct heat pump was installed. Without any further works to existing insulation, we calculated a heat loss of 11kW in total so it was clear the 14kW Ecodan would be best suited due to its ability to produce over 13kW of heating at -1 outside temperature.

The home owner is extremely satisfied with the system and its performance so far, its estimated to be costing between £2-3 to provide space heating and all the hot water requirements.

Photo provided by DJ Oates Photography