An 8.5kW Ultra Quiet Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump and 4.1kW solar PV array installation in St. Agnes.

A 4.1kW SolarEdge smart solar PV installation in St. Agnes, Cornwall.

This Ecodan and solar PV installation now provides all of the home’s heating demand and minimises their electricity demand. The installations were undertaken as part of wider renovations at the property. With the scale of the works being undertaken, both air source and solar PV could be integrated neatly into the household

Previously heated by oil, the customer was keen to incorporate air source heating and solar PV into their project. The idea was to minimise the home’s energy bills and carbon footprint.

8.5kW Ultra Quiet Ecodan

Living in an off-gas region in Cornwall, air source was the logical heating solution for the customer.

This Ultra Quiet Ecodan offers optimum heating efficiency – in excess of 400%. As such, the home’s heating and hot water bills have been reduced significantly. Furthermore, the customer will now benefit from £900 a year in RHI subsidy.

Find further information on the Ultra Quiet Ecodan by clicking here or more details on the Renewable Heat Incentive subsidy here.

4.1kW Solar PV Installation

Comprising of 13 Q-Cell solar panel modules and a SolarEdge 3500 inverter, this PV array provides the home with over 3900kWh of usable electricity each year. GreenGenUK estimates this will correlate to £400 in annual energy savings. In addition, the home’s solar generation will provide a net carbon saving of 1.7 tonnes.

Alongside their solar array, the homeowner also installed a Solar iBoost device. The iBoost, a hot water diverter, sends any excess solar generation to the home’s hot water cylinder. By doing so, it minimises the home’s hot water bills and enhances the benefit of their solar array.

Visit GreenGen’s solar iBoost page to read more on its benefits and how it works.