How Domestic Solar Thermal can benefit you

Having a solar thermal system installed at your home is an excellent, long-term way to lower the cost of heating your home.

It is estimated that a solar thermal system can provide between 50 and 70 percent of annual domestic hot water requirements.

Solar thermal systems generate free, clean energy by absorbing heat from the sun and converting it into hot water. By lowering the demand for energy from traditional methods, the homeowner is able to save money on their heating bills.

The advantages of installing of a Solar Thermal System for your Home


·      Reduction in the cost of heating water by generating the energy for free from the sun

·      Protection from the continuously rising prices of energy by switching to a free, renewable alternative

·      Incentive schemes, such as the RHI, provide further financial benefits for customers generating renewable heat

·      Switching to a green technology will lower your carbon footprint and help to combat the consequences of global warming and the burning of fossil fuels

GreenGenUK is vastly experienced in designing and installing solar thermal systems in domestic properties. We work on an individual project basis and strive to find the most efficient and financially rewarding systems for all of our customers.

Check out our ‘Case Studies’ page for example of solar thermal systems installed by us here at GreenGenUK.

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