Heat Pumps for Homeowners in Cornwall

If you, like the majority of homeowners, are fed up of rising heating and hot water bills then installing a heat pump could be the solution for you.

Risings costs of gas, coal and oil have driven up the costs associated with providing heat and hot water to homes throughout the country. As a result, customers have been forced to look into alternative methods of heating their homes. Renewable solutions, such as heat pumps, are an excellent way to reduce the running costs of a home, reduce carbon footprint and generate profitable income.

Heat pumps upgrade heat energy stored in the ground (ground source heat pumps) or air (air source heat pumps) into the heat energy used in domestic heating and hot water systems. Heat pump solutions are capable of providing 100 percent of domestic space heating and hot water demand.

Why are Heat Pumps well suited to for domestic installations?

There are several key reasons why heat pumps are suited to domestic installations.

Energy savings

By replacing energy demand via traditional heating methods, with reduced / free, green heat energy from a heat pump, running costs can be dramatically reduced depending on the existing heating system.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)

In order to speed up the decarbonisation of heating systems, Ofgem has introduced the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. The aim of the ‘BUS’ voucher scheme is to lower the costs of installing a renewable heating solution. With the voucher, fitting heat pumps and biomass boilers should be similar to fossil fuel systems. BUS scheme vouchers were raised from £5,000 to £7,500 – on October 26th 2023

Carbon reduction

By replacing generation from harmful fossil fuels by free, clean renewable energy, the impact of a household’s heat consumption can be significantly reduced. Typical air or ground source heat pump installations con reduce household carbon emissions by up to 50 percent.

Other advantages of heat pump installation

+ Air source heat pumps are ideally situated for installation next to domestic properties
+ systems with varying outputs available to cover large and small heat demands
+ Heat pump systems run with relatively low noise outputs, with Quiet Mark Approval

Your heat pump installation

GreenGenUK has been installing heat pumps since 2011 and have vast experience in sizing, specification and installation of heat pump systems. As a result, customers are assured of a high-quality, high-performance system that caters to the needs of their individual property.

To see examples of GreenGenUK’s previous heat pump installations, visit our ‘Case Studies‘ page.

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