The Daikin Altherma Hybrid Heat Pump

The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump combines efficient condensing gas boiler technology with a renewable air-to-water heat pump solution to provide space heating and hot water at optimum levels of efficiency all year round.

Smart technology within the heat pump monitors outside temperature to ensure the most efficient heating mode’s selected at any given time. Highest levels of performance and minimum running costs are the result.

What’s involved in a Hybrid Heat Pump installation?

Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump systems consists of the following:

– Compact indoor unit combining a condensing gas boiler and internal heat pump components
– External air-to-water heat pump unit
– Connection to a wet central heating system

How does a Hybrid Heat Pump work?

A hybrid heat pump’s job is to determine which component, renewable or non-renewable, will meet heating demand most efficiently as ambient temperature changes.

Daikin’s heat pump comes with three different operational modes. Each mode performs most efficiently at different times of the year. Therefore, the unit is able to select the most efficient mode at any given time based on a number of preset information.

Mode 1 – Heat Pump Operation

The integrated heat pump provides heat most efficiently when outside temperatures are above 1°. Daikin state that the Altherma hybrid unit can output as much as five units of heat for every one unit it requires to run when in Heat Pump Operation.

Mode 2 – Hybrid Operation

Hybrid Operation is the most economic and efficient heating mode when ambient temperatures are around 0°.

The Altherma operates both the heat pump and the gas boiler simultaneously to generate heat most effectively. The unit moderates flow rates to find the correct balance between boiler and heat pump generation to enhance efficiency.

Mode 3 – Gas Operation

The gas boiler component will be responsible for 100 percent of heat demand when temperatures fall below -5°.

Heating installations in the UK will rarely have to deal with such low temperatures, particularly in Cornwall thus customers’ peace of mind is enhanced knowing they’ll have sufficient heat at any temperature.

Why choose a the Daikin Althermia Hybrid Heat Pump?

Customers installing a hybrid heating solutions experience several key benefits:

1. Minimised energy bills and maximum efficiency.

Customers’ homes will always be heated in the most cost effective, efficient manner as the hybrid unit scans and monitors ambient temperatures. Heat is provided up to 35 percent more efficiently.

2. Enhanced living comfort and peace of mind.

Customers installing a hybrid heating system will benefit from both the familiarity of a gas boiler and the increased efficiency of a heat pump. Customers know that they will always have adequate space heating and hot water in the most efficient way.

3. Ease of installation.

The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump offers quick and simple installation and this keeps costs down and the impact of an installation minimal.

Delivery of the heat pump and condensing boiler are separate making handling simpler. The heat pump unit is situated externally and wall mounted. The gas condensing boiler fits nicely into the space vacated by the old boiler. Connections between the two units are quick and straightforward.

4. Environmentally friendly.

Customers installing a hybrid heat pump will also reduce their carbon footprint.

Carbon emissions and damage to the local environment is decreases as the hybrid unit will replace approximately 70 percent of heat demand from fossil fuels with energy generated by the heat pump component of the hybrid system.

Considering replacing your existing heating system?

Hybrid heat pumps are the ideal heating solution for customers looking to replace their existing heating system, particularly customers with existing oil or LPG systems.

Consider changing heating supply to a heat pump or hybrid solution by enquiring today.