Customer Enquiry Form

Enquiry Form

Info to attain when receiving a customer enquiry.

  • Air source, ground source, solar PV, solar thermal, battery storage. List any and all that apply.
  • Enter the customer’s name.
  • Enter the customer’s address – first line and postcode, as a minimum.
  • Enter the customer’s preferred phone contact.
  • Enter the customer’s preferred email contact.
  • Which type of project is it, existing property or new?
  • Plans or drawings, even estate agent drawings, can be used to put initial specifications together.
  • We always put together our own recommendations but it might speed up the process to know what they’re considering and information that’s already been covered.
  • Is the customer at an early stage in the process? Is the customer looking to install ASAP? Inform them of our current lead time on installations being between 8-12 weeks.
  • Please ensure the customer has been told the rough install costs below. Costs are indicative but should give customers a good idea: – Solar PV – £2,000 for a small array £6000-£8000 for a standard array, £9,000 for an optimised array – Air source – £9000-£12,000 depending on property size and nature of the install (less 7.5K from Boiler Upgrade Scheme – Ground source – £20,000 to £35,000 depending on the property size, if groundworks included. – Battery storage – £4,500 to £11,000 depending on size and Brand. – Solar Thermal – £4,000 to £7,000 depending on system size and nature of the installation. – EV Charging – £1200 – £1800 typically.
  • We can do solar pv proposals from google maps if we know which building it is, quoted can always call to discuss this element at the time. If they are happy to send a DIY Survey form send over by email
  • TR18 – TR27 – Mondays TR10 – TR17 – Tuesdays or Fridays TR2 – TR9 – Thursdays PL & EX Post Codes – Wednesdays Match existing appts If we booked, ensure the customer knows it’s provisional and will be finalised by surveyor.
  • What was the final outcome of the enquiry? Have all next steps been actioned?
  • Ask the customer how they came to discover GreenGen.