COVID-19 - Renewable Surveys - GreenGenUK is still able to offer information and proposals where possible.

GreenGen appreciates that installing solar PV or switching to renewable heating might not be at the top of people’s priorities right now. However, for those that are still looking to get information and would like a proposal, we’ve come up with some ways to renewable survey a property without the need to visit.

Although nothing will beat a face-to-face meeting, there are ways by which we can provide both solar and heating surveys remotely. All we need is a little cooperation from our customers and information that can usually be found online.

Looking for more information on solar?

Google Maps (other sources are available) has been a great, usable resource for solar installers for many years. Simply, using your address we can pinpoint your property and undertaken quick calculations on the roof space available.

Either through a quick phone conversation or video chat, we can then clear up any questions a customer might have on a potential solar installation. We can also obtain the extra information we need about your property – such as roof type, shading and electricity consumption. Hint – photos are always helpful. From here, we can mockup accurate proposals that specify the costs and benefits of a PV or thermal installation.

Looking for more information on renewable heating?

Heating is a little more complicated but nothing GreenGen and its customers can’t overcome.

The first thing to ascertain is whether there are any existing plans for the property and whether an existing Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is present. With either of these, we can get a good idea of the property’s floor area and fabric. Enough to provide a preliminary proposal. Sometimes we can find plans of the property the customer didn’t even know exist.

If there is no EPC and no plans, we ask for a little more cooperation. We ask that customers undertake a quick, self-survey on our behalf. This involves making a sketch of your home’s layout and taking some room measurements. Similarly, we then undertake a brief phone or video consultation where we can clear up any initial queries, Additionally, we can get the further information we need to put together accurate proposals.

How to contact us

GreenGenUK’s office team is now working remotely but we can still be contacted using all the usual methods.

We are on hand to clear up any queries you might have, however big or small. We’ve even mocked up some example surveys for those looking to get started.