Solar Thermal energy for your Business

Turning to solar thermal energy for your business is an excellent way to reduce your company’s overheads and protect you from the rising cost of providing hot water for your premises.

How does a Solar Thermal System work?


Similar to how solar PV system transforms the sun’s light into electricity, a solar thermal system works by converting heat from the sun into free, renewable hot water.

The system consists of pipes that contain a mixture of glycol and water. The solar thermal panel absorbs heat from the sun and transfers it into the pipes. The pipes contain a mixture of glycol and water, which then transports the heat to a coil in the hot water cylinder. The heated water is stored and the glycol is returned to the pipes to begin the process again.

Is Solar Thermal for your Business a good choice?


Solar thermal energy for your business is a logical renewable solution for many business owners as the panels can be fitted onto the majority of commercial roof surfaces

GreenGenUK are experts in optimising solar thermal systems for maximum financial return. We choose the best surface that receives the most exposure to sunlight and then play around with the angle of the system to give the highest hot water yield.

Although solar thermal systems are great when used to cover the hot water requirements of every business, they excel when covering the hot water needs of high-water consuming sites, such as holiday parks and leisure centres.

The advantages of Solar Thermal for your Business


There are numerous advantages to installing solar thermal energy for your business. Below we’ve listed just a few:

• Your heating bills are significantly reduced as your demand for energy from the grid is replaced with free, renewable solar energy.
• You are protected from the continuously rising prices of your heating and energy bills.
• Switching to a renewable alternative lowers your company’s carbon footprint, which, in this day and age, is a viable marketing tool with modern customers.
• Despite being most beneficial in the warmer, summer months, solar thermal systems generate hot water throughout the whole year.
• GreenGenUK’s systems are designed specifically for the UK’s climate.
• Through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), installation of solar thermal for your business will not only save you money but help you turn a profit.

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)


The renewable heat incentive (click here to view our more detailed break down on the renewable heat incentive) is a scheme set up by the government to incentivise the installation of renewable energy technologies and bridges the gap between cost of installation and financial return.

The commercial RHI makes payments to business owners that generate their own, renewable heating or hot water. The payments are made over 20 years and are dependent on the expected output of your system.

Being eligible for RHI payments will significantly reduce the payback period of your system.

Why choose GreenGenUK when looking to install solar thermal energy for your business?


GreenGenUK are experienced and certified installers of renewable energies. We provide renewable solutions throughout Cornwall, Devon and the whole of the South West.

All renewable installations undertaken here are on a bespoke, individual basis. This means that we ensure the system you have installed is the best for your property and will provide the best return on your investment.

All of our projects begin with a free, no obligation site survey where we come to your property and discuss your requirements, in person, before taking your specifications. We then go away and design the best system to fit your needs before providing you with a quote pack.

To see some examples of our installations of solar thermal energy for businesses, take a look at our ‘Case Studies’ page.

Or, if you’ve decided solar thermal energy is the system for you, fill in the enquiry form found below to book your site survey and begin your solar thermal installation.