Commercial Renewable Energy – Air & Ground source heat Pumps, Solar PV & Storage, Solar Thermal

What is commercial renewable energy?

As you all know, renewable energy is a means of replacing traditional ways of generating energy to power and heat our homes with environmentally-friendly methods, such as solar energy and thermal energy.

Not just for the home, renewable energy systems can be installed in across a variety of organisations and there are financial incentives for doing so. Businesses, schools, colleges, local authorities and buildings and charities can all be eligible for one of the governments’ schemes to incentivise the installation of green energy.

The benefits to commercial organisations of using renewable energy

The benefits to commercial organisations of making the switch to renewable energy sources are vast and can be significant.

Installing renewable energy will help to lower energy and heating bills. By installing a renewable energy system, businesses are able to generate their own power and, therefore, lower their need to purchase energy from the grid.

Find out more information on the types of incentive schemes available by visiting our ‘Incentives’ page. Alternatively, select the system you are interested in at the bottom of this page and discover the savings you can expect to make.

How can GreenGenUK help with your business’ renewable energy needs?

GreenGenUK is a certified installer of green energy technologies and, as a result, all of the parts, systems and technology we use fall under the required government legislation criteria needed to be eligible for the above schemes.

Furthermore, our knowledge of planning, fitting and installation of a wide variety of renewable commercial energy systems, with individually-tailored solutions, ensures we can provide the most financially beneficial results for our customers.

Our experience in traditional plumbing, electrical and heating work means GreenGenUK are of taking their customers from the very beginning of the process to the very end, with no need for sub-contractors. Covering the initial consultation, planning and execution of our projects means homes and businesses receive a professional installation serviced and high quality end results.

What products do GreenGenUK have to offer?

GreenGenUK have a wide range of products and solutions to match most commercial renewable energy requirements.

Choose which is your system of choice and find out more about how they can benefit your organisation and the financial incentives of each type:

Commercial solar PV

Commercial battery storage

Commercial heat pumps

Commercial solar thermal

Financing your Commercial Solar PV System

GreenGenUK understand that investing in a renewable energy technology can be an expensive investment. As such, we offer three options when it comes to funding your commercial solar PV system:

1. Outright purchase

2. Finance

3. Power Purchase Agreement

Click the links in the above text to learn more about our financing options.

If you are unsure about what system would best suit your needs, have no fear. The commercial team here at GreenGenUK offer a free consultation process where your questions and needs can be addressed. Complete the enquiry form below or give us a call to arrange a no-fee meeting.