Lesjöfors Heavy Springs chose GreenGenUK for their 139.4kWp Commercial Solar PV install, while signifying sustainability and commitment to renewable energy.

The integration of renewable energy has become paramount for businesses across various industries. Below we look into the changes Lesjöfors Heavy Springs UK made to their energy system to install solar PV, reducing their carbon footprint while ensuring sustainable growth!

Commercial Solar Install System Design

After a consultation with the team, the system’s main objectives were to be a cost-effective update to the building as well as to reduce the business’s carbon footprint. We designed and installed an array to go above and beyond this, the 328-panel array produces an annual generation of 133,460kWh and a Co2 saving of 28 tonnes! This makes an estimated payback of just under 2 years. The duration of the installation of the huge array took no longer than 3 weeks and the manufacturing production could resume as normal.

Included in the installation: 

328 x 425w Trina Mono Modules

3 x Solis 3 phase Inverters

1 x Renusol Metasol Mounting System

Solis Power managment

Emergency Firefighter Shut Off Switches

Looking into renewable solutions for your business or home?

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