Biomass in Somerset – Ahead of the April 1st 2015 Commercial RHI digression, GreenGenUK supplied and installed a 90kW Pellet boiler at Highercombe House, Dulverton in Somerset.

The top of the range biomass heating system, a 90kW Hargassner Eco-PK, provides heating and hot water to Highercombe House, Highercombe Cottage and a Garden Flat, replacing the existing Oil Boilers onsite.
It is estimated the new biomass system will cut existing heating costs by almost £1,000 per year as well as providing an Annual Co2 saving of 40Tonnes.
The boiler system was installed and commissioned in the last week of March, ensuring the RHI application was made ahead of the deadline and our customer can benefit from the higher 6.8p/kWh tariff, lasting for 20 years.

System Specification:
90kW Hargassner Eco-PK Pellet Boiler
1500l Hargassner Accumulator Tank
RHI Compliant Heat Meter
Distribution Pipework
New Cottage Central Heating System
Additional Radiators to Highercombe house

Estimated Annual Heat Output: 118,000kWh
Estimated Annual Co2 Reduction: 40Tonnes