Early in 2015, GreenGenUK was commissioned to replace an existing oil boiler with an energy-efficient biomass boiler in one of our customer’s homes.

A 15kW Windhager biomass boiler

After being provided with three initial quotes and being impressed with the detail of our quote pack, the customer decided to select a premium, Austrian biomass boiler system. Despite not being the cheapest solution, this investment offered excellent, long-term financial benefits.

The homeowners now benefit from a 15kW biomass pellet boiler system that supplies energy for all of their heating and hot water requirements, thus removing completely for their previous oil boiler.

System Specifications:

• 1 x 15kW Windhager Biowin 2 Pellet Boiler
• 1 x 300L Buffer Tank
• 1 x 210L Unvented Hot Water Tank
• 1 x Twinwalled Flue

Between savings against their previous oil bills and Renewable Heat Incentive payments, the system is expected to provide annual savings of £2113 to the customer.

This system is expected to have a payback period of six years.

Fore more information on this biomass system, visit www.windhager.co.uk.