A battery storage install in Perranwell – having already installed a large solar PV array through GreenGenUK, the Perranwell-based customer was keen to add battery backup to their solar array to further reduce grid demand and their energy bills.The customer recontacted GreenGenUK to discuss alternative storage solutions. The decision to opt for a Powerwall was quickly realised.

A Tesla Powerwall battery storage install in Perranwell.

Why the Tesla Powerwall 2?

Due to the size and nature of the property, approximately 625m2, the homeowner was eager to find renewable methods to lower their substantial consumption. Installing an above-average capacity solar array was the first part of the puzzle.

Because of the home’s high peak loads, surplus capacity was regularly available. As such, the Powerwall 2 was the logical solution for this battery storage install in Perranwell as a result of its large storage capacity.

Benefits of this Battery Storage Installation

By installing a battery backup, the Cornish homeowner now benefits from the following advantages:

+ Enhanced solar self-consumption

Installing the Powerwall 2 enables the customer to harness much more of their solar generation. Additionally, solar generation can now be captured and used outside of generation hours. The bottom line? Further reduced energy bills.

+ Grid Charging

The Tesla Powerwall is one of the most advanced batteries. With the Powerwall, the customer is able to set time-based controls to make use of off-peak energy tariffs. This increases the benefit of the system.

+ Smart Export Tariff

Despite the idea being to self-consume as much of their solar generation as possible, the system is eligible for the Smart Export Tariff. The SET pays customers for any generation they export to the grid.

Read this Which post for a breakdown of the Smart Export and how it works.

+ Other benefits

The Powerwall 2 offers 100% depth of discharge and 90% round-trip efficiency. Furthermore, the Powerwall can provide maximum continuous power of 3.68kW and boasts a 10-year warranty.

Visit our Tesla page for further specifications on the Tesla Powerwall 2.