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Battery Storage FAQ’s

Welcome to our Battery Storage FAQ’s page, answering all your questions about battery storage technology! Whether you’re considering adding battery storage to your existing solar PV system or exploring standalone options for backup power, energy independence, or grid resilience, this FAQ post provides the essential information you need to make informed decisions.

How does battery storage work?

Battery storage systems store electricity generated from renewable sources like solar panels or the grid during off-peak times. You can use this stored energy later, either when demand is high or when renewable energy generation is low.

What types of batteries are used in battery storage systems?

We are certified installers of leading brands like Tesla Powerwall, GivEnergy, and AlphaESS. We offer a diverse range of products selected for optimal performance. Our battery solutions, with varying storage capacities, continuous discharge power, robust warranties, and market-leading functionality, cater to both existing and new Solar PV customers.

What are the main benefits of using battery storage?

Battery storage systems offer several benefits. They store excess renewable energy for later use, reduce reliance on the grid, provide backup power during outages, and enable energy management. They also help save costs through load shifting and peak shaving.

What factors affect the efficiency of a solar PV system?

The efficiency of a solar PV system can be influenced by factors such as the angle and orientation of the panels, shading from nearby objects like trees or buildings, local climate conditions, and the quality of the components used. We only use the best quality components, and with our experts on hand, they will create bespoke plans and quotes that maximise your system’s efficiency.

Are battery storage systems suitable for residential use?

Yes, battery storage systems are increasingly being installed in homes to complement solar PV systems. Battery storage can help homeowners increase self-consumption of solar energy, reduce reliance on the grid, and provide backup power during grid outages.

Do battery storage systems require maintenance?

Battery storage systems require minimal maintenance, such as periodic inspections and ensuring proper ventilation and temperature control.

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