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Atlantic Point – A new energy efficient home in Porthleven, Cornwall

Atlantic Point is a residential development in a small fishing town in Cornwall. The project features timber frame construction, known for its sustainability and excellent thermal performance. The home at Atlantic Point integrates advanced energy efficient measures, resulting in significant energy savings and environmental benefits.

Energy Efficient Measures Implemented

To ensure optimal performance and sustainability, the project included several energy efficiency measures:

New Build Insulation Standards: High-performance insulation meets the latest building regulations, providing excellent thermal efficiency.

Solar PV: 12 JA Solar Mono All Black 395w panels generate renewable electricity, reducing dependency on grid power and lowering energy bills.

Air Source Heat Pump:  A Mitsubishi PUZ R32 8.5kW Ultra Quiet Air to Water Heat Pump serves as the main heating source, offering efficient and eco-friendly heating.

Underfloor Heating: Provides uniform and efficient heat distribution throughout the property.

Hot Water Diverter Switch: A MyEnergi Eddi Hot Water Diverter ensures excess solar energy heats water, maximising renewable energy use.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging: A Myenergi Zappi EV charger supports electric vehicle use, promoting sustainable transportation.

Installation System Design

The system design included:

  • 9.5kW GivEnergy Battery
  • GivEnergy 3.6kW Hybrid Gen 3
  • 12 x JA Solar Mono All Black 395w panels
  • Schletter/Renusol Mounting System
  • Mitsubishi PUZ R32 8.5kW Ultra Quiet Air to Water Heat Pump
  • 300l Single Coil Unvented DHW Cylinder
  • Online Monitor & Control
  • Underfloor Heating System
  • MyEnergi Eddi Hot Water Diverter
  • MyEnergi Zappi EV charger

The project was installed in several phases. The property should have an estimated annual energy usage of 4 MWh, reflecting efficiency gains from the installed measures. Self-funding primarily financed the project, with additional support from the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) for the heat pump installation.

Energy and Environmental Impact

The energy efficiency measures provide significant benefits. Heating and hot water usage should be just 250 kWh per month due to the efficient Air Source and Underfloor Heating systems. The annual solar PV generation should exceed 4,000 kWh, reducing energy costs and environmental impact. The properties aim for a negative carbon impact of -0.5 tons per year, positively affecting the environment. The homes also received an A rating on the final EPC, reflecting their high energy efficiency.

Homeowner’s feedback

“As the owner and developer of Atlantic Point, Porthleven, a cutting-edge residential project, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with GreenGenUK on a vital component of our sustainability goals. Their expertise was crucial in transforming our vision of energy efficiency into a tangible reality.

GreenGenUK performed heat loss calculations from our plans and proposed a comprehensive solution tailored to our needs. This included the installation of an air source heat pump system integrated with underfloor heating for our ground level and traditional radiators on the first floor, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the property. Additionally, their recommendation and implementation of a solar PV system, coupled with a GivEnergy 9.5kWh battery and a MyEnergy hot water switch, significantly enhanced our energy storage and management capabilities.

These measures, in conjunction with our achievement of ultra-low U-values in the walls, floor, roof, and windows, were instrumental in enabling our property to attain an A rating on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This rating not only reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship but also underscores the functional and economic benefits of investing in energy efficiency.

I attribute a significant portion of our energy efficient success to the technical proficiency and dedicated service provided by GreenGenUK. Their contributions were invaluable, not just in meeting, but exceeding our energy efficiency expectations.”


Atlantic Point serves as an exemplary model of modern, sustainable construction. By integrating advanced energy efficiency measures, the project not only reduces the environmental footprint but also ensures comfortable living conditions with significantly lower energy costs. The success of Atlantic Point highlights the potential for timber frame homes to meet and exceed current energy efficienty standards, paving the way for future sustainable developments.

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