A recently completed Ultra Quiet Ecodan installation in Praa Sands, Cornwall.

An 8.5kW Ultra Quiet Ecodan air source installation in Praa Sands.

GreenGenUK recently helped this homeowner upgrade their traditional oil heating to a modern air source heat pump solution.

By replacing their old oil boiler with this Ultra Quiet Ecodan, the homeowner now benefits from lowered heating bills and drastically reduced carbon footprint. In addition, the customer will now receive Renewable Heat Incentive subsidy for the next seven years.

This Ultra Quiet Ecodan Installation

This relatively modern property, built in the early ’00s, was still running with its original oil boiler. As such, the homeowner was eager to consider modern heating alternatives.

Following an initial site visit and heat loss calculation, GreenGenUK proposed swapping their boiler for an 8.5kW Ultra Quiet Mitsubishi Ecodan. The system was designed to provide all of the home’s heating and hot water demand. Mitsubishi’s new revamped heat pump offered higher efficiency and lower noise output than most other air source units.

Watch the video below for further details on the Ultra Quiet Ecodan or visit Mitsubishi’s Ultra Quiet website for more info.

Benefits of this Air Source Installation in Praa Sands

As a result of swapping their heating from oil to air source, the customer now experiences the following benefits.

+ Lowered Running Costs

Based on the efficiency of the 8.5kW Ecodan and the demand of the building, GreenGenUK estimates this system will supply 100% heating demand for £505 a year.

This represents a £270 saving over their old oil system.

+ Renewable Heat Incentive

As a result of swapping from fossil fuel heating to renewable heating, the customer is eligible for Renewable Heat Incentive subsidy. The RHI is a government-led scheme that incentivises the uptake of renewable heating. The aim is to reduce UK carbon emissions.

GreenGenUK forecasts this customer to earn £1000 in annual RHI payments. More further on the RHI scheme can be found here.

+ Carbon Savings

This Ultra Quiet Ecodan air source heat pump is classified by MCS as being 409% efficient. Basically, this means the unit outputs over four times the electricity it consumes.

Because of this, air source reduces this home’s carbon footprint by a number of tonnes each year.

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