In order to lower the running costs and increase the energy efficiency of this contemporary home, GreenGenUK recently completed the installation of an 8.5kW air source heat pump and 1.98kW solar PV array.

1.98kW Panasonic domestic solar PV array

Located near Falmouth, the customer first contacted us to discuss air source heating as a potential replacement for their existing oil boiler which had proved problematic and expensive to run.

This air source heating and solar PV installation provides 100% of the household’s heating and hot water demand, in addition to creating a saving on annual electricity bills.

8.5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump

The Falmouth-based customer now receives various benefits from their heat pump. The installed air source system consists of:

– An 8.5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan air source unit
– 210litre single-coiled hot water cylinder

8.5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan installation

Energy Savings – having previously heated their home with comparatively costly oil, the installed air source heat pump provides the customer with a £285 estimated annual saving. Air source heating is among the cheapest heating systems on the market.

Renewable Heat Incentive – renewable heating systems installed by MCS accredited companies are eligible for incentive from the RHI scheme. Following acceptance, the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive pays customers for the renewable energy their system generates over a period of 7 years.

This 8.5kW air source installation is predicted to provide a lifetime benefit of £4,725.

1.98kW Panasonic Solar PV Array

Also, to compliment the air source installation and reduced annual running costs, our customer opted also to install a solar PV array. The system selected makes the most of the available roof space while maintaining the look of the property. This system consists of:

– 6 x 330W Panasonic solar panels
Solaredge 2200 solar inverter
Rayleigh single phase solar generation metre
Solar iBoost hot water diverter

Air source heating and solar PV - Solaredge inverter and air source pipework

Energy Savings – by replacing energy supply from the grid with free solar energy, this 1.98kW solar PV array provides the customer with an annual saving of £245.

Feed-in Tariff – this particular customer is predicted to earn over £2,100 in tariff payments over the next 20 years. To explain, the Feed-in Tariff provides a financial incentive to customers installing an eligible solar array, both domestic and commercial. For more information, click here.

Carbon Reduction – finally, by replacing grid demand with clean solar energy creates a carbon reduction. As a result, this 1.98kW array is anticipated to produce total carbon savings of 20.76 tonnes.

Combining Air Source Heating and Solar PV

Combining air source heating and solar PV enhances the benefit of each system.

Air source heat pumps can be supplied and ran with excess solar generation. Likewise, the heat pump ensures that solar consumption is as high as possible.

The price of importing energy is far more expensive than export payments. This means customers able to consume more of their solar generation will see the largest benefit from their installation.

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