The Ultra Quiet Ecodan – Mitsubishi air source heat pumps

Ultra-quiet and highly efficient, the Ultra Quiet Ecodan is Mitsubishi’s next-generation air source heat pump.

Ultra Quiet

The Ecodan has always been one of the quietest air source heat pumps on the market. The new Ecodan now operates with a market-leading sound pressure of 45dB (A) at 1 meter. As a reference, a library’s ambient noise level is 40dB(A).

As a result, the Ultra Quiet heat pumps can be sited much closer to a property’s boundary and still meet Permitting Development criteria.

Flexible Placement

Design features of the Ultra Quiet Ecodan ensure quiet operation under all conditions.

Because of this, Mitsubishi’s heat pumps can be sited in almost any location around the property. This makes them the ideal replacement heating system in existing properties as well as areas with sensitivity to noise.

Increased Efficiency

The Ultra Quiet Ecodan is 7% more efficient than its Mitsubishi predecessors.

What does this mean? The increased efficiency results in even lower running costs and increased Renewable Heat Incentive payments due to higher renewable output.

Furthermore, Mitsubishi’s heat pumps achieve an A++ ErP rating.

Ultra Quiet Models

The Ultra Quiet Ecodan is currently available in 2 outputs – 8.5kW and 11.2kW.

Typically, these units will provide sufficient heat for most medium to large homes. Prior to purchasing a heat pump, it is essential that a full heat loss calculation is undertaken. This is the only way to ensure your heat pump is appropriate for your property.

Want more info?

Click here to visit Mitsubishi’s Ultra Quiet website for further details.

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