The Ecodan QUHZ Air Source Heat Pump

The Mitsubishi Ecodan QUHZ is Mitsubishi’s latest air source heat pump product that has been specifically developed to meet the heating demands of modern dwellings.

The Ecodan QUHZ provides customers with market leading efficiency in hot water production in addition to reliable, renewable heat provision all year round.

Why is the Ecodan QUHZ the perfect solution for new build properties?

Due to changes in building regulations that have taken place over the past decade, how new build properties demand heat and hot water has also seen a significant shift.

As a result of these changes, new build properties now have much lower heat leakage and higher heat retention. Despite this, hot water demand and the heat energy taken to provide hot water is more or less the same now as it was a decade ago. Because of this, hot water provision has now overtaken space heating as the primary load for new heating systems.

Mitsubishi have been quick to adapt and modify their renewable heating offering, seeing that this shift in heating emphasis needed to be replicated in modern heating systems, placing the primary focus on hot water provision rather than space heating as was traditionally the case. Installing a system that provides more efficient hot water production will save the end user money on their running costs and reduce carbon emissions.

The Mitsubishi Ecodan QUHZ does exactly that. The Ecodan QUHZ was designed to operate with exceptionally high-efficiency levels of hot water supply while still catering for 100 percent of a building’s space heating demand. In addition, the QUHZ model has been designed to incorporate the specifically designed thermal store to give instantaneous hot water without the need to pasteurise the water.

The advantages of the Ecodan QUHZ

– High-efficiency hot water provision
– Capable of outputting in excess of 3kW of heat energy for every 1kW of electricity it takes in
– Market leading noise output levels
– Absence of stored hot water removes the risk of legionella
– High capacity for hot water provision makes the QUHZ suitable for large and small new build sites
– Specifically designed for installation in new builds
– Energy monitoring as standard
– MCS accredited air source heat pump unit eligible for government subsidies
– Extended seven-year warranty when installed by GreenGenUK
– Single, stand alone unit
– Installable under Permitted Development Rights
– Will help to achieve Level 4 for the Code for Sustainable Homes

More information on Mitsubishi’s Ecodan QUHZ unit can be found on their website by clicking the following link:

The Ecodan QUHZ

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We are able to offer complete installation packages that are based on sound knowledge and understanding of the systems that GreenGen have built up and perfected over time. Thanks to the amount of work and our expertise with the Ecodan range, we are one of just a handful of Mitsubishi Business Solutions Partners in the South West, meaning we can provide our customers with several additional, highly beneficial advantages when undertaking an installation.

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