The Ecodan CAHV Air Source Heat Pump

The Ecodan CAHV is Mitsubishi’s air source heat pump offering that is specifically designed for larger applications with larger heat demand. Ecodan CAHV units can operate singularly or be combined as part of a multiple unit air source system.

The units also come with a wide range of controller features as standard.

Whereas Ecodan’s PUHZ and QUHZ units are designed to meet the space heating and hot water demand of new build and domestic properties, the Ecodan CAHV has been specifically designed to cater for commercial applications where heating demand is far greater and variable.

Cascading of the Ecodan CAHV

Multiple unit Ecodan CAHV heating systems offer the user the ability to cascade single and multiple units on and off in order to meet the load demand of a building at any given time.

Take, for example, an office building. During normal working hours the demand for space heating and hot water will be significantly higher than during evenings or weekends, but this isn’t to say that there will be no demand for heat. So, the heating system is still required but the kilowatt requirement will be much lower. As a result, running the whole system will be much more expensive and much more unnecessary.

Ecodan CAHV systems comprised of multiple units have the capability to cascade power in increments of 0.5kW all the way from 18kW up to 688kW. This degree of modulation is unheard of anywhere else in the heating industry and can reduce the running costs of a property significantly, as well as further reducing carbon outputs.

With cascade built in as standard and smart rotation of active units, the Ecodan CAHV is ideally suited to a wide range of commercial applications.

Key features and benefits of the Ecodan CAHV

– Cascadable in 0.5kW units up to a maximum capacity of 688kW
– Split circuits withing each Ecodan CAHV unit provide 50 percent back up power
– Rotation of modular use and demand enhances system lifespan and efficiency
– Provides a more comfortable, ambient work temperature for employees
– Capable water flow temperatures of up to 70°C
– Efficient at temperatures as low as -20°C
– MCS approved air source unit eligible for government subsidies
– Low maintenance, hermetically-sealed monobloc design
– Low on-site refrigerant volume
– A++ ErP rating

For technical specifications and further information on the Ecodan CAHV unit, visit Mitsubishi’s website at the following link:

Mitsubishi Ecodan CAHV

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No matter how large or size the heating demand of your business premises, the Ecodan CAHV offers a financially beneficial, renewable alternative to space heating and hot water provision.

With potential and significant running cost savings, government subsidies available and large reductions in carbon emissions, an air source heat pump installation offers many advantages to businesses.

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