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Accreditations - More Information

We are proud to showcase our qualifications that underscore our expertise in renewable energy solutions.

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Accreditations - More Information

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MCS - Microregeneration Certification Scheme

At GreenGenUK, we have been MCS accredited since 2011, signifying our approval to install Solar PV, Battery Storage, Air/Ground Source Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal Systems

MCS is a mark of quality assurance, demonstrating our commitment to meeting rigorous industry standards and ensuring the seamless integration of renewable energy systems into your home or business. To be approved as an MCS registered installer, We undertake annual inspections to ensure the quality of our workmanship and installations. As mentioned above, only renewable systems designed or installed by an MCS accredited provider are eligible for government incentives and funding. These schemes help provide financial benefit to our customers installing a renewable solution and make such technologies stable financial investments.

MCS Website

NICEIC Approved Electrical Contractor

Our NICEIC approval as an electrical contractor emphasizes our dedication to electrical safety and compliance. This accreditation assures our clients that our electrical installations adhere to the highest standards, providing peace of mind and confidence in the safety of our renewable energy solutions.

NICEIC Website

Renewable Energy Consumer Code

Being a member of RECC, we adhere to a Consumer Code that guarantees a high standard of service for our customers. This membership underscores our commitment to ethical business practices, ensuring transparency, fair treatment, and excellent customer service throughout the renewable energy installation process.

RECC Website

Mitsubishi Business Solutions Partner for Heat Pumps

Our partnership with Mitsubishi as a Business Solutions Partner for heat pumps signifies our proficiency in delivering cutting-edge, high-performance heating solutions. This partnership enables us to offer Mitsubishi Ecodan Heating Products with extended warranties as well as industry leading back up and support.

Ecodan Website

GivEnergy Approved Installer

One of the fastest growing companies in the battery storage industry, we are proud to have installed huge numbers of their equipment in recent years. This accreditation ensures that we are well-versed in integrating GivEnergy’s state-of-the-art energy storage technology into your renewable energy system.
Choosing GreenGenUK means choosing a team of professionals with a proven track record of expertise, ensuring that your renewable energy installation is in the hands of qualified and accredited professionals. Trust us to power your future sustainably.

GivEnergy Wesbite

SolarEdge Certified Installer

Our Solaredge certification signifies our proficiency in designing and installing solar energy systems with Solaredge’s innovative power optimization and monitoring technology. We continually update our learning with SolarEdge to ensure we offer solar PV systems operating at peak efficiency, maximizing energy production.

SolarEdge Wesbite

Tesla Certified Installer

GreenGenUK is proud to be a Tesla Certified Installer, demonstrating our expertise in installing and maintaining Tesla Powerwall energy storage solutions. This certification ensures that we can seamlessly integrate Tesla’s cutting-edge energy storage technology into your renewable energy system.

Tesla Wesbite

REC Pro Trust Solar Installer

As a REC Pro Trust Solar Installer, we are recognized for our excellence in installing solar energy systems. This accreditation from REC, a leading manufacturer of solar panels, showcases our proficiency in harnessing solar power to meet your energy needs reliably.

REC Website