GreenGenUK recently completed a 9kW solar PV installation for Exeter’s new Skoda garage.

A 9kW solar PV installation.

The customer opted for the installation of a 9kW, Canadian Solar array after being provided with a number of potential 12kW and 9kW PV solutions. This system will provide for a large percentage of the businesses day-to-day running costs.

In addition to the free, renewable energy this system will produce, this solar PV installation also went a long way towards ensuring the new build site would pass BREEAM assessment. BREEAM is the world’s most foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings and achieving a BREEAM rating goes a long way to highlighting energy efficiency credentials and guaranteeing a minimal impact on the businesses surrounding environment.

The solar PV system installed for the client consisted of:

36 x Canadian Solar 250W poly solar panels
1 x Fronius Symo 10.0-3-M Light solar inverter
1 x Renusol Metasol Trap mounting system
1 x L&G/Elster Three Phase generation metre

Three Phase Solutions

As Skoda Garages boasts a three phase connection they were able to exceed the 4kW benchmark for solar PV installations without the need to acquire further grid consent.

Ordinarily, customers installing a solar PV array that exceeds 4kWs in capacity would need to attain grid permissions. Current Permitted Development Rights and energy exportation limitations mean solar installations are restricted to a maximum of 4kWs. However, thanks to the three phase supply available, Skoda had the ability to install up to 4kWs of solar capacity per phase, thus increasing the potential maximum system size to 12kWs.

Customers with three phase grid connections are able to install up to 4kWs per phase and further reap the benefits of solar PV installation.

Financial Returns and Payback Period

GreenGenUK’s analysis estimates that the system installed will generate a total of 8113.98-kilowatt hours of solar energy per annum.

At this generation rate, the system will provide Skoda with:

– Feed-in Tariff Generation payments of £950 per annum
– Feed-in Tariff Export payments of £196 per annum
– Electricity savings of £446 per annum
– Carbon reduction of 3.49 tonnes per annum

(The Feed-in Tariff is a government-backed scheme that provides a financial incentive to customers making the switch to solar energy. Find out more details on the Feed-in Tariff by visiting our ‘Renewable Incentives‘ page.)

This 9kW solar PV installation is calculated to have a payback period of 5.5 years and a total lifetime benefit of £34,177.