This 400% efficient 8.5kW Ultra Quiet air source heat pump replaced the existing electric boiler and now supplies all the home’s heating and hot water demand.

An 8.5kW Ultra Quiet Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump installation.

Having seen GreenGenUK undertaking an installation in the nearby area, the Plymouth-based customer contacted GreenGenUK to discuss their situation. Having already installed solar PV in an attempt to offset their electricity bills, the homeowner was still frustrated with their high bills.

As a result of replacing their electric boiler with air source, the home’s electricity bills have been slashed by £1900-a-year.

Benefits of this air source installation

By opting for renewable heating with an Ultra Quiet Ecodan, the customer now benefits from the following:

+ Energy Savings

When combined with a radiator central heating system, the 8.5kW Ultra Quiet Ecodan achieves in excess of 400% efficiency. As a result, this system supplies the heating and hot water demand of this 4-bedroom house for under £750. A quarter of the home’s previous bill.

+ Carbon Saving

Comparatively, this heat pump requires 3 times less carbon to supply the home’s heating when compared with the existing direct electric system. We anticipate a yearly carbon reduction above 4 tonnes.

+ Living Comfort

One of the key drivers for this particular customer was to reduce their bills without having to sacrifice living comfort. As well as the reduced running costs, the homeowner was also sold on the idea of having a constant, ambient temperature in their home.

+ Ultra Quiet Heating

The 8.5kW and 11.2kW Ultra Quiet Ecodans offer market-leading noise outputs. AS such, this makes them ideal for domestic installations and complies with virtually all Permitting Development Rights.

Read all about the Ultra Quiet Ecodan at Mitsubishi’s website.

+ Renewable Heat Incentive

Until 2020, the Government will incentivise eligible renewable heating installation as an incentive to switch from fossil fuel heating. As an MCS-approved installer, all of GreenGenUK’s installations are RHI eligible. This Plymouth-based install will earn the homeowner in excess of £10,500 over the 7-year tariff life.

Get further information on the RHI scheme and how it could benefit you by visiting our RHI webpage.

Looking for more information?

GreenGenUK offers free surveys to all customers in the South West considering renewable heating. Free of charge and no obligation, we will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the costs and benefits of an installation in your home or business.

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