GreenGenUK recently completed the installation of an 8.5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump for a customer based in Porthleven, Cornwall.

Air source heat pumps - Mitsubishi Ecodan

In addition to the 8.5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan unit that provides the customer with all of their space heating and hot water demand, GreenGenUK also upgraded the existing heat emitters and installed a 250l Mitsubishi cylinder to provide hot water storage.

Living in an off-gas area and having not been particularly pleased with the existing system installed in the property, the customer was looking into the best options available for upgrading their property’s heat provision. Having looked into a variety of other alternatives, they were recommended to GreenGenUK and one of our air source heat pump solutions by a previous customer. Intrigued by the financial viability and the concept of generating cleaner heating, the customer opted to hit the green light and proceed with the installation.

System Specification

The air source heat pump system installed consisted of:

– An 8.5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump
– A 250l Mitsubishi cylinder
– Upgrades to the existing wet water system

A Mitsubishi 250l cylinder and controller

Due to the nature of air source heating and how heat is provided at lower flow temperatures, it’s always important to consider how this will work with an existing wet water system. Often, particularly with older radiator-based systems, it is necessary to upgrade and upsize some of the existing radiators to provide a larger surface area for the heating to pass through. Therefore, the customer is still getting the same amount of heat in a larger area but at lower temperatures. Thanks to our plumbing background and experience, we are able to take into account all aspects and considerations when installing an air source heat pump to guarantee a happy customer and a warm home.

Why choose the Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump?

Here at GreenGenUK, we only install the Mitsubishi Ecodan range of air source heat pump alternatives. Having installed heat pumps for over five years and with some of our technicians working with these technologies before their time with us, we are very familiar with the ins-and-outs of the technology and what to (and not to) look out for. The Mitsubishi Ecodan is GreenGenUK’s heat pump of choice for the following reasons:

1 – Realistic claims of efficiency and negative temperatures. The key thing to remember with a heating system is that it needs to be able to perform when outside temperatures are low. The Ecodan range’s predictions of efficiency at minus temperatures are both realistic and market leading.

2 – The only air source heat pump range to have Quiet Mark Approval. One of the biggest concerns for customers looking into an air source heat pump solutions is their noise output and the Ecodan is the quietest pump on the market today. We have Ecodan units installed outside bedroom windows of properties with no issues. In this instance, the customer was recommended to attend a site with a heat pump installation to visually see and hear the unit in operation.

3 – Salt air protection as standard – The Mitsubishi Ecodan range comes salt air protected as standard and, as such, is covered by warranty. Working throughout Cornwall and the South West, many of our installations are based at or near the coast and salt air protection was a necessity.

4 – Market leading brand and product – Mitsubishi’s reputation with renewable heating speaks for itself and the size and scope of the brand is a real plus to customers. Having worked with air source heat pumps for a number of decades, Mitsubishi’s technologies are the most advanced and efficient on the market. Many of the other branded heat pumps available today are based on technology developed by Mitsubishi.

GreenGenUK is a BSP of Mitsubishi Ecodan heat pumps which enables us to offer further benefits to our customers, including extended warranties and lower installation costs. For more information on Ecodan heat pumps, visit Mitsubishi’s website.

Return on Investment

More than just a way to provide space heating and hot water in a more environmentally friendly way, air source heat pumps offer a legitimate opportunity to install a heating system that will pay for itself. In addition to significantly lowering running costs, the installing customer has now been entered into the government’s RHI scheme.

This customer can expect to see the following benefits from his system:

– Annual energy saving against existing oil system of £442
– Seven years of RHI payments at approximately £1050 each year (scaling with inflation)

Overall the system will provide total annual benefit of £1500 a year for the first seven years and £450 for each year after.

This total costs of this installation are expected to be recouped within the first six years.

It’s worth nothing that these calculations and savings are calculated aginst current energy prices and savings would be enhanced if and when prices go up.

The Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a government-led scheme that provides financial incentives to customer switching to a renewable heating technology. The scheme pays domestic customers at a set rate for each kilowatt of renewable heat energy generated by their heating system for a period of seven years. GreenGenUK is an MCS accredited air source heat pump installer and, as such, all of our installations are eligible for RHI payments.

In this instance, the customer registered to the scheme himself via Ofgem’s Domestic RHI website. The application takes approximately 20 minutes and his registration was confirmed immediately.

For more information on the RHI, visit Ofgem’s website or our own RHI page found here.

Customer Testimony

Since the installation, the customer has gone on to recommend GreenGenUK to a number of friends and neighbours and had some very positive words to say about GreenGen and our installing technicians. He commended our heating technician for his passion and ability to thrive in a difficult installing environment and our technical team for their helpful knowledge and guidance during the decision-making process.

Want more information?

To find out more about this installation or to ask any further questions on air source heating or any of our other renewable technologies, fill out the inquiry form found at the bottom of this page or call us in the office on 0800 093 3299.