Thanks to GreenGen’s installation of this Tesla Powerwall, this customer is now able to consume more of their solar PV array’s generation and power their home during the evening with energy generated during the day.

A 6.4kWh Tesla Powerwall battery storage unit installed on the outside of a property near Truro.

As a result of their 6.4kWh Tesla Powerwall installation, the customer will significantly reduce their electricity bills and, at the same time, lower their dependence on the grid. Furthermore, the home will slash its carbon output. The customer contacted GreenGenUK enquiring about storage after being let down by another provider.

This 6.4kWh Tesla Powerwall installation

With an existing solar PV array already installed, this Powerwall installation consists of:

– A 6.4kWh Tesla Powerwall – the Powerwall stores solar energy for use during hours of peak consumption

– A SolarEdge SE500 AC coupling inverter – the coupling inverter changes the current back to DC to store within the battery

StorEdge battery storage interface – controls the direction and flow of electricity

How does Battery Storage work?

Installing a battery storage solution, such as the Tesla Powerwall, allows homes and businesses to store their excess solar energy for use during the evening.

Solar energy that can’t be consumed at the point of generation is usually exported back to the grid. However, solar storage diverts this excess energy to charge a system of batteries. The battery then discharges when solar generation is absent to provide power to the property.

Find further details on battery storage and how it works on our ‘Battery Storage’ page.

The benefits of this 6.4kWh Tesla Powerwall installation

This Powerwall installation is expected to reduce the customer’s annual electricity spend by more than £450.

Installation of this battery storage system will reduce the home’s carbon emissions by 1.75 tonnes per year.

The Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Energy’s Powerwall is the most sought-after battery storage solution on the market today. Years of Tesla’s battery research has gone into developing the Powerwall. The Powerwall combines visually striking looks with high levels of performance and output to offer homes and small businesses a fully automated storage system.

This Powerwall installation comes equipped with a 10-year warranty, 3.3kW of peak and continuous power, 92.5% round trip efficiency and 100% depth of discharge.

A 6.4kWh Tesla Powerwall battery storage unit installed by GreenGenUK

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