A recent GreenGenUK 5kW solar PV installation for a customer in Ruan Minor, Cornwall.

A 5kW solar PV installation near Ruan Minor, Cornwall.

Having installed solar on previous properties, the customers knew first hand the benefits of a solar PV array. The system provides free, clean solar energy to the property throughout the year, significantly lowering the running costs of the property and the home’s carbon footprint.

This 5kW Solar PV Installation

Designed to provide maximum possible generation, this array consists of:

– 18 SolarWorld 285w black solar panels

– A SolarEdge 5000 solar inverter

– A Solar iBoost device

About this Installation

As the customer was familiar with the benefits of solar, they were eager to maximise the size and benefits of their new installation. As such, we proposed a 5.13kW system.

Grid restriction imposes a limit on solar exportation from domestic installations to 3.68kW. However, SolarEdge’s export limiting functionality allowed an increase in the system’s capacity without further permission. In effect, on the rare occasion when generation is at peak and consumption is almost null the PV array’s generation will be controlled to prevent generation exceeding 3.68kW.

Benefits of this 5kW Solar PV Installation

Energy Savings

As a result of replacing electricity demand from the grid with solar energy, the home’s energy bills are reduced by £500 a year.

Feed-in Tariff Payments

Installed to meet the conditions of MCS, this solar panel array is eligible for Feed-in Tariff payments. GreenGen predicts the customer will earn £340 a year in FiT payments for the next 20 years.

Carbon Reduction

Replacing harmful demand from the grid with clean, renewable solar energy will see the home’s annual carbon output reduced by a total of 2.3 tonnes.

Lifetime Benefits

This 5kW solar install provides:

Firstly, a total annual benefit of £855.

Next, a total carbon reduction of 43 tonnes.

Finally, £18,000 in profitable income.

Close up of the SolarWorld solar panels installed in this 5kW solar PV installation.

SolarEdge Monitoring Portal

Amongst the benefits of SolarEdge inverters, including individually optimised panels and higher production, customers also receive access to the SolarEdge Monitoring Portal.

The Portal allows users to see how their system is performing, both real-time and historically. The interface highlights how much energy the solar PV system generates and how much solar energy is consumed. Furthermore, customers can see how much energy they are exporting to the grid.

Visit SolarEdge’s website for further information on their technologies. In addition, find more details on solar on our Solar PV page.