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GreenGenUK installs 5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan for customer in St. Buryan

A Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump

Project Background

Having moved into the property within the last few years, a fault with their pre-installed solar thermal system had become apparent. Leaking, dangerous and providing no benefit, we were first contacted by the customer in order to rectify the issues with the solar thermal installation. Impressed by the information provided on our website and the knowledge of our technicians, we got the green light to address the issues and bring their solar thermal system back up and running.

During our time on site, the customer told us how they were looking to replace their old, outdated oil boiler and were considering their options. It was at this point that the idea of an air source heat pump was discussed. Unfamiliar with heat pumps, the customer was provided with a quote for an installation, following a full site survey, and given the time to do some background research into these systems.

Why Air Source?

From the moment our surveyor stepped in the door, it was clear that an air source heat pump solution would be ideal for the property. Modern in build with high thermal retention and no mains gas connection, a small capacity air source heat pump would be able to handle 100 percent of the customer’s heating and hot water demand while, at the same time, reducing their heating bills and enhancing the comfort of their home. Combined with the solar thermal installation, the customer heat provision is now almost completed provided by renewables.

In addition to the environmental and financial benefits, switching to air source would also free up space in their garden by removing their prominently situated oil tank with a small, hidden-away heat pump unit.

Installation Summary

Following a site survey where the fabric and heat demand of the property was assessed, GreenGenUK undertook a detailed heat loss calculation for the property. As a result, we were able to confidently put forward the following system as the right one for the home:

– A 5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump unit
– A 210l twin coil, unvented, horizontal hot water cylinder

GreenGen’s installation consisted of full plumbing of the 5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan heat pump system including repositioning of the hot water cylinder into the loft space, full wiring of the installation, mounting of the external unit, system commissioning, full registration documentation and all the information required to access the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.

System Benefits

Following the completion and commissioning of the 5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump, the customer and their home now benefits from the following:

– Energy Savings

The customer is predicted to pay just £500 per year for all their heating and hot water demand – significantly cheaper than their previous bills with oil fired central heating. Furthermore, as air source solutions generate heat from energy stored within the air, the need to organise and handle oil deliveries has been removed.

– RHI Payments

As well as the savings made against their existing bills, the customer now also benefits financially through the Renewable Heat Incentive. This scheme is open to customers installing a renewable heating technology through an MCS accredited installer.

Payments are made quarterly over a period of seven years and they are calculated on the energy efficiency of the home and the system installed. This customer, based in a relatively new home with a small heat load with a 5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan unit installed, can expect to receive payments in the region of £460 per year for the next seven years.

– Carbon Reduction

By replacing demand from fossil fuels with clean, green heating from the air, the carbon output of the home has now been significantly reduced. Our calculations estimated that, through the efficiencies of the heat pump, around two tonnes of carbon output will be saved each year.

– Space Saving

One of the biggest pros to this customer of opting for an air source heat pump over their oil alternative was the physical space they would be able to claim back. We were able to situate the heat pump alongside the house and remove the oil tank from a more central position, freeing up space for other uses. Also, GreenGen’s plumber were able to reposition the hot water cylinder horizontally in the loft space and vacate the cupboard where the old unit was stored.

“For us, a heat pump solution made complete sense”

On their installation and experience with GreenGenUK, the customer said the following:

“I was really impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the GreenGen representatives we spoke with and their understanding of their work gave us confidence to proceed. For us, a heat pump solution made complete sense.”

The customer would go on to say:

“The quality of the plumbing to and from the heat pump unit and hot water cylinder is great and we would happily and wholeheartedly recommend GreenGenUk to our friends and neighbours.”

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