This 5kW air source heat pump has played a large part in improving the living comfort of the customer’s home.

A 5kW air source heat pump unit installed on the external wall of this property in The Lizard.,

In addition, the 5kW air source heat pump will see the customer reduce their annual running costs, lower their carbon emissions and earn substantial payments through the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.

Initial Contact

Prior to this heat pump installation, the customer was heating their home with expensive night storage heaters.

GreenGenUK were first approached to discuss a solar PV installation. The homeowner was looking for a way to reduce their electricity bills. After an initial consultation and discussion, we put forward the idea of air source heating as the best way to eliminate the costs associated with the existing night storage units. The customer was provided full specifications for both solar and air source solutions. As a result, they were able to make an informed decision and opted for this 5kW air source heat pump.

This Mitsubishi Air Source installation

This 5kW installation consists of the following:

– A 5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump unit
– A 180-litre single-coil hot water cylinder
– Complete plumbing and electrical installation of the cylinder and heat pump

As this air source heat pump system to replace night storage heaters, GreenGenUK also undertook the installation of a full radiator system in the property. Thanks to the skill and experience of our heating technicians, we are able to undertake every aspect of a heat pump installation.

Image showing the required space required around a 5kW air source heat pump unit.

Heat pumps aim to achieve lower flow temperatures in order to reduce running costs. Because of this, the size and output of the radiators installed must be considered. A radiator schedule is provided to all clients that specifies the radiator required in each room. This ensures an appropriate level of heat. We provide clients with a breakdown of the radiators required in each room. This ensures appropriate distribution of heat and maximum efficiency from their system.

The benefits of this 5kW Air Source Heat Pump

By switching to a renewable heating solution, such as air source, the customer now benefits in multiple ways.

Energy Savings

Night storage heaters are one of the most costly methods of heating a home. As a result, switching to air source heating provides a significant annual energy saving.

This customer’s annual energy bills will be reduced by more than £300.

Renewable Heat Incentive

Domestic air source installations are eligible for payment through the Renewable Heat Incentive.

The RHI aims to encourage homes and businesses to install a renewable heating solution over a fossil fuel alternative by providing users with a financial incentive. Based on the efficiency of the system installed and the energy demand of the home, GreenGen calculates this customer will receive annual payments from the RHI of £550 for the next 7 years.

Read more on the Renewable Heat Incentive here. Alternatively, visit Ofgem’s dedicated RHI webpage.

Carbon Saving

Replacing grid demand for space heating and hot water provision with clean energy generated from the air reduces a home’s carbon emissions.

This system will provide an annual carbon saving in excess of 2.5 tonnes.

Lifetime Benefits

With a design life of 25-years, this Mitsubishi Ecodan heat pump provides 10-year benefits of:

+ Lifetime RHI payments totalling £4,120

+ 10-year energy savings to the value of £4,375

+ A 10-year carbon reduction of 27.5 tonnes

+ A return on investment within 7 years

Living Comfort

By upgrading to an air source heat pump system, the customer’s home now benefits from friendlier, continuous heat, in addition to more self-controlled heat provision.

Air source heat pumps emit heat at lower temperatures over longer time periods. This minimises running costs but also improves internal comfort. In effect, the home’s ambient temperature should remain constant. This means the home should never feel too hot or too cold. Furthermore, user input is reduced as  smart technology within the heat pump automates this process.

Mitsubishi's 5kW air source heat pump unit, installed in The Lizard.

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