One of our most recent commercial Solar PV Installations

Mr Headon of Oaklands Farm runs a Self Storage business as well as a Dairy herd. Wanting to reduce his electricty bills as well as make the investment in to renewable energy, he approached ARC GreenGen to coduct a Free survey to help decide wether Solar PV was a viable option.

During the survey Mr Headon told us that he had already ordered a 50kW Ground Mounted system from another company but with the sudden change in Feed In tariff during 2011 he decided no to proceed. We measured the available roof space as well as the proposed area for ground mounted solar and gave Mr Headon both options. As he already  had plenty of southerly facing roof space he decided to save on installation costs and utilise this area.

At the beginning of September 2012 our installation team completed the project in under 2 weeks.

System info:

  • 208 x Canadian Solar 245w Monocrystaline Modules
  • 2 x PowerOne Three phase string inverters
  • Schueco On roof mounting system
  • All 3phase Sub Main works
  • Upgrade works from single phase to 3 phase