GreenGenUK recently finished installing a slightly unusual 4kW split-roof solar PV installation at a modern housing development in Hayle.

a 4kW split-roof solar PV installation undertaken at Connor Downs, Hayle

The nature of the roof found on this property, situated in Connor Downs, meant that neither facing was suffice to accommodate the 16 solar panels a usual 4kW, domestic installation would entail.

After undertaking our free site survey and measuring out the specifications of the property, we were then able to design a split-roof system that would fit the available space and still provide a 4kW system.

The customer had an existing heat pump and can now combine the solar energy generated from the solar PV panels on her roof with the heating and hot water the heat pump will produce. In effect, the solar energy can be stored to run her heat pump, for next to no cost.

The 4kW split-roof solar PV system we installed comprised of:

16 x Solar World All-black mono modules
– Dual tracking inverter

The system took approximately three days to install and will produce in excess of 4,000kWh of energy per annum. This translates into an annual reduction in Co2 output of 2.3 tonnes.

This 4kW split-roof solar PV system will be eligible for Feed-in Tariff payments (a government incentive scheme to incentivise the uptake of renewable energy alternatives).

Between these payments and the reduction of their energy consumption from the grid, GreenGen estimated this system would have a payback period of seven years.

If you’re interested in installing solar PV for your home or business and want us to design a system to fit your needs and space, give us a call or fill out the enquiry form below to book your free site survey.