GreenGenUK recently completed a 4kW solar PV installation on a renovation project near Launceston.

The nature of this project meant that GreenGenUK undertook the installation in a two-stage fit; installing the panels and undertaking the roof work during the first phase and then completing the metre, inverter and electrical connections at a later date. This enabled the customer to minimise scaffolding costs and the impact on the overall project.

The System

The all-German solar PV system comprised of:

16 x SolarWorld All-black solar modules
1x Steca Grid 3600w
1 x Schletter slate roof mount
1 x Elster and L&G generation metre

GreenGenUK recommended the SolarWorld all-black solar panels to ensure the aesthetics of the slate roof were retained. Fitting the black panels on a mounting system specifically designed for slate roofs ensured the visual impact of the panels was minimal. The panels are almost unnoticeable against the black slates. Along with their appearance, SolarWorld solar panels also offer the latest in solar efficiency, maximising solar generation and durability. SolarWorld panels carry a 10-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty.

Performance and returns

As an MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accredited installer, all of GreenGenUK’s systems are eligible for Feed-in Tariff payments, providing the set criteria as stated by the MCS body. GreenGenUK handled the Feed-in Tariff application for this project on behalf of the customer.

GreenGenUK estimates that this solar PV installation will provide the following benefits to the customer:

– Total electricity generation of 3680kWh each year

As a result, the installation with provides total annual benefits of:

– £535 from the Feed-in Tariff generation tariff
– £92 from the Feed-in Tariff export tariff (deemed and at 50 percent of generation)
– £270 of energy savings (at 50 percent of generation)
– 2.19 tonnes in Co2 reductions

GreenGenUK estimates the customer’s solar investment will repay itself in under 7 years.

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