GreenGenUK recently installed a 4kW ground-mounted solar PV system for a customer in Bude.

A picture of a 4kW ground-mounted solar PV installation.

This is one of two installations GreenGenUK has recently undertaken for clients in Week, St. Mary.

Having offered the customer both ground and roof-mounted solar PV alternatives, the customer opted for the ground-mounted installation. This solution helped overcome the difficulties of the listed nature of the property and the permissions needed to install solar on such a property.

Ground-mounted PV arrays offer several advantages and opportunities to customers looking to make the switch to solar PV. Customers with adequate space available for a ground-mounted system can:

+ Install solar without having to use roof space, a concern for customers looking to preserve the aesthetics of their property.

+ Ground-mounted installs are good alternatives to a roof space where a 4kW system might be unachievable.

+ Choose where they want your system installed to allow for a more efficient system and better aesthetics.

This GreenGenUK solar PV installation consisted of:

16 x SolarWorld 250W Black solar panels
1 x Samil Power 3680TL solar inverter
1 x Schletter Ground Mount mounting system
1 x Rayleigh Single Phase generation metre
1 x Wireless Remote Monitor

Financial Returns and Payback Period

GreenGenUK’s technical estimation team have calculated that this system will generate 4268-kilowatt hours of electricity per annum.

At this predicted rate of generation, we have estimated that this system will provide:

– Feed-in Tariff Generation payments of £551 per annum
– Feed-in Tariff Export payments of £103 per annum
– Electricity savings of £298 per annum

(The Feed-in Tariff is a government-backed scheme that provides a financial incentive to customers making the switch to solar energy. Find out more details on the Feed-in Tariff by visiting our ‘Renewable Incentives‘ page.)

GreenGen predicts this solar PV installation to have a payback period of 6.4 years and a total lifetime benefit of £19,968.