GreenGenUK installed a 49.77kW solar PV array to help this Lizard-based dairy farmer lower their electricity bills and provide a second income for their business.

A 49.77kW solar PV array, The Lizard, Cornwall.

After providing a number of quotations, a 49.77kW solar PV system made up of JA solar panels and Solaredge inverters was chosen. This solution offers the customer high efficiency, in addition to remote monitoring and a lengthy warranty.

This 49.77kW solar PV installation consists of:

– 158 x JA 315W smart module solar panels
– 2 x Solaredge 25,000W solar inverters
Renusol barn mounting system
Elster three-phase generation metre

GreenGen were responsible for the supply, installation and commissioning of this commercial solar array, as well as providing certification for the project. Furthermore, we assisted the customer with his application into the Feed-in Tariff scheme.

Benefits of this 49.77kW Solar PV installation

Total Output – following the evaluation of shading and other factors, this array provides in excess of 45,000 kilowatts of usable electricity each year to the farm.

Energy Savings – with a high energy demand, we estimate the customer will see annual electricity bills reduced by as much as £3,465.

Feed-in Tariff payments – because of GreenGen’s MCS accreditation, this solar array is eligible for FiT. Taking total generation into account, along with likely export, we predict this customer will see a combined annual benefit of £2,670 from the Generation and Export tariffs.

Carbon Reduction –  the result of replacing grid demand with clean solar energy is a significant carbon reduction. This 49.77kW array reduces the customer’s carbon footprint by 19.35 tonnes per annum.

Lifetime Benefit

Using the figures above, this 49.77kW solar PV installation provides the following lifetime benefits:

An annual system benefit of £6,135.

A total lifetime carbon reduction of 369 tonnes.

A total lifetime financial benefit of £132,793.

An annual return on investment of 13.75%.

A return on investment within 7 years.

Two Solaredge 25,000 solar inverters

The Commercial Feed-in Tariff

Following amendments to the Feed-in Tariff at the beginning of 2016, 10kW to 50kW solar arrays now offer the most lucrative solar investment.

Consequently, systems sized within this bracket receive the largest Generation Tariff payments. In addition, they are eligible for metered Export. As a result, installing customers receive tariff payments on all the energy they generate for a 20-year period.

158 JA Solar panels at a Lizard installation, Cornwall.

To learn more about the Feed-in Tariff, visit our Renewable Incentives page.