This post-FIT cut 3.99kW solar PV installation now provides the Falmouth-based customer with free electricity and free hot water to thanks to the additional Solar iBoost installed.

A 3.99kW solar PV installation

The Cornish customer decided to consider solar as part of larger project to extend their home. With roof works to be undertaken as part of the extension, they wanted to dig into the benefits of a solar PV installation and how it could coincide with their project and the layout of their property.

Survey and Proposal Stage

As with all GreenGenUK retrofitted solutions, the project began with a site survey.

Undertaking a full assessment of their roof space and energy demands, we were able to gain a better feel for the nature of the installation and the suitability of the space available and gave the prospective customer the opportunity to understand our business a little better.

Following the survey, GreenGen’s technical team generated a number of proposals to the customer that took into account the orientation of the roof and the impact panel layout would have on system generation and financial returns.

System Specifications

The customer opted for a 3.99kW solar PV installation.

The system, comprising of six panels on the Western face and eight panels on the Southern-facing orientation, was made up of:

– 14 x 285w SolarWorld All-Black Solar Panels
– 1 x Samil Power Inverter
– 1 x Schletter Solar Mounting System
– 1 x Rayleigh Solar Generation Metre
– 1 x Solar iBoost Solar Hot Water Diverter

System Benefits

The Falmouth-based customer now benefits from significantly reduced electricity bills, substantial quarterly payments from the government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme for the next 20 years and a reduction in the carbon footprint of their home.

GreenGenUK’s estimation tool predicts the system will provide:

– 3,786 units of usable solar energy each year

The relates to:

– £340 annual saving on electricity bills
– £257 in Feed-in Tariff payments each year for the next 20 years
– 1.63-tonne reduction in carbon output per annum

This correlates to:

– A 25-year lifetime benefit of £12,223
– Annual return on investment of 11.15%
– A payback period less than 9 years

SolarWorld Solar PV Panels

SolarWorld solar panels offer an excellent combination of high efficiency, German solar engineering with competitive pricings – offering upper-end output at affordable prices.

Available in a variety of different outputs, solar PV arrays consisting of SolarWorld solar panels can be tailored and sized to meet the demands of projects on an individual basis.

More information on SolarWorld products can be found on the SolarWorld website.

The Solar iBoost

As part of the installation, GreenGenUK fitted a Solar iBoost device to run alongside the PV array and generate free hot water from any excess, unused solar electricity generated by the array.

The iBoost prevents surplus solar generation from being exported to the grid, with no benefit, by diverting it to the customer’s hot water tank to provide free, renewable water heating.

Adding a Solar iBoost to this 3.99kW solar PV installation allows the customer to consume up to 30 percent more of their solar generation and will create significant further savings from their system.

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