Installation of a 3.99kW solar PV array consisting of SolarWorld solar panels and a SolarEdge inverter for a customer based in Fowey, Cornwall.

An image of a 3.99kW solar PV array in Fowey.

The customer now benefits from significantly reduced electricity bills, in addition to the various other benefits of a solar installation.

Installation Summary

This 3.99kW solar PV array comprises of:

14 x 285w SolarWorld black-framed panels
1 x 3.5kW SolarEdge  inverter
1 x Schletter mounting system
1 x Rayleigh generation metre

Responsible for design, supply and commissioning, GreenGenUK also continued to aid the customer’s journey into solar by submitting their Feed-in Tariff application and providing  documentation on the system.

The Benefits of Solar PV

The customer now receives the following key benefits as a result of their solar installation:

– Energy Savings

Homeowners replacing their grid demand with free solar generation will see significant savings on their electricity bills. In total, if the customer consumes 60 percent of their generated electricity annual bills will reduce by £370.

– Feed-in Tariff

As a result of GreenGen’s MCS eligibility and because the customer’s home achieved an Energy Performance rating of D this solar system is eligible for higher rate FiT payments.

The government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme pays homeowners installing solar for the for the electricity their system generates. Furthermore, there’s an additional, deemed payment for excess energy sent back to the grid.

For example, we estimate our customer will receive £266 per annum in Feed-in Tariff payments for the next 20 years.

– Carbon Reduction

Switching energy provision to solar will reduce demand supplied by fossil fuels. Therefore, installing a renewable solution will reduce a customer’s carbon footprint.

GreenGenUK estimates this 3.99kW PV array will reduce carbon emissions by 32 tonnes in the next 25 years.

– Payback Period

By combining the Feed-in Tariff payments this system is eligible for with the resulting energy savings and comparing this with the upfront costs gives you the system’s payback period.

The result is a return on investment on this system in less than nine years.

What is SolarEdge?

SolarEdge is a market leading solar inverter technology.

SolarEdge inverters offer enhanced levels of efficiency, usability and safety by overcoming the difficulties faced by traditional inverters, especially shading factors. In other words, solar generation increases, energy bills further reduced and simpler usability for the customer.

Learn more about SolarEdge at their website

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