GreenGen were recently given the go-ahead to install a 3.84kW in-roof solar PV system for one of our customers, based in Rosudgeon, Cornwall.

A GreenGenUK renewable energy solution, installed in Cornwall.

In this instance, the customer knew the roof wouldn’t be suitable for installation of solar panels. As part of the quote and the system designed, GreenGen were commissioned to strip and replace the existing slate roof in order to install a 3.84kW in-roof solar PV system.

Due to the skill and diversity of the GreenGen installation team, we were able to carry out the full installation, including re-slating of the roof, without having to outsource to other providers.

The 3.84kW in-roof solar PV system installed for the customer consisted of:

16 x Panasonic Hybrid 240w Modules
Renusol on-roof solar mounting system
3.6kW Solis Inverter with a 10-year warranty

As a domestic installation, this solar PV system, along with the majority of others installed by GreenGen, is eligible for Feed-in Tariff payments. The Feed-in Tariff is government-led incentive scheme set up to encourage the uptake of renewable technologies in domestic and commercial properties.

Feed-in Tariff payments are expected to provide the customer with annual benefit of £582.

The customer is set to make further savings of £259, in comparison with their existing energy bills.

This provides a total annual benefit to the customer of £842. In addition, the solar PV system we installed for the customer will provide a reduction of 2.1 tonnes of Co2 a year.

This 3.84kW in-roof solar PV system is expected to have a 7.7-year payback period.

In addition to the 3.84kW in-roof solar PV system GreenGen installed for this customer, we were also commissioned to fit an 8.5kW air source heat pump. For more information on this system and how it functions efficiently alongside the solar system see our post here.