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3.3kW Solar PV Installation – Truro, Cornwall

A 3.3kW solar PV installation near Truro, Cornwall.

GreenGenUK recently completed this 3.3kW solar PV installation for the customer based in Veryan, near Truro.

The client contacted GreenGen to talk about renewable systems to help reduce the property’s electricity bills. As such, a 3.3kW solar PV installation was proposed. The system maximises the roof space and, at the same time, keeps the visual impact on the home low.

By opting for solar, the property’s electricity demand is now provided in a more efficient nature.

About this Array

This 3.3kW solar PV installation consists of:

– 12 x JA Solar 280w black solar panels

– 1 x Solis 3.0 solar inverter

Schletter slate mounting system

Benefits of this Installation

This 3.3kW PV system provides several key benefits:

Energy Savings – firstly, replacing grid demand with solar energy results in a £250 reduction in annual electric bills.

Feed-in Tariff – secondly, with the property achieving an Energy Performance Band D rating, the system is eligible for high-rate FiT payment. As a result, the client will receive £170 in annual payments for 20 years.

Carbon Reduction – finally, swapping grid demand with solar energy reduces yearly carbon emissions by over a tonne.

25-year Benefit of this Solar Array

By undertaking this 3.3kW solar PV installation, the customer will now receive lifetime benefits of:

– £4,600 in total Feed-in Tariff payment

– £8,000 in electricity savings

– 21 tonnes of carbon emissions prevented

Why install Solar Energy?

Domestic electric demand has increased throughout recent years. Similarly, so have energy prices. As a result, increasing numbers of homeowners have looked for ways to reduce their bills. Introducing solar PV.

Solar panels harness energy from the sun’s rays to use in our homes. Panels capture the sun’s energy before conversion for use. This solar energy supplies appliances drawing power. Therefore, demand from the grid is reduced and self-consumption becomes key. Increasing daytime load and considering secondary systems, such as a Solar iBoost or Battery Storage are great ways to maximise benefit.

Living in Cornwall or the South West and considering solar PV? Contact GreenGenUK for further information.

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