GreenGenUK designed this bespoke 3.3kW LG solar PV array to generate electricity for the Falmouth-based customer’s new build while maintaining the look of the flat roof space.

A 3.3kW LG solar PV array, consisted of 11 panels/

The solar array is installed to appear as part of the surrounding perimeter fence, also built by GreenGen.

This 3.3kW LG Solar PV Array

This Cornish solar PV installation consists of:

– 11 x 300w LG MonoX black solar panels
– Bosch BPT-S 368
– Bespoke mounting system
– Rayleigh single-phase generation metre

Benefits of this Solar Array

By opting for solar PV on their newly built home in Falmouth, the customer’s home will now benefit from significantly reduced electricity bills and carbon footprint. In addition, they’ll now receive 20-years of payment via the government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme.

Energy Savings – reduced electricity bills

A £325 a year saving is expected as a result of replacing grid demand with solar energy.

Carbon Savings – reduced carbon emissions

Replacing energy demand from harmful fossil fuels with clean solar power will lower the home’s carbon footprint by more than 1.5 tonnes per year.

Feed-in tariff – government solar incentive

GreenGen’s status as an MCS-approved installer means this customer’s system is eligible for incentive via the Feed-in Tariff. Combining payments from the Generation and Export Tariffs, this system will earn the homeowner annual payments of £250 for the next 20 years.

Lifetime Benefit of this Solar System

This 3.3kW LG solar PV array is expected to provide an overall lifetime benefit of:

– A total carbon reduction of 39.5 tonnes
– A total Feed-in Tariff benefit of £5,900
– Predicted 20-year energy saving of £10,600
– Return on investment of 10%

This Falmouth solar installation will provide a 20-year system benefit of £16,500.

LG solar panel system, Falmouth

Bespoke Mounting System

GreenGenUK designed this bespoke mounting system in order to maintain the look and usability of the customer’s flat roof.

The bespoke system has focused around minimising space consumption of the roof in the style of an edge-protecting fence. Angling the panels maximises solar generation while maintaining accessible space.

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