GreenGenUK recently completed a 20kW barn-mounted solar PV array for a customer based near Launceston.

A 20kW barn-mounted solar PV array

This solar PV array consisted of:

80 x SolarWorld 250w black solar panels
4 x Samil Power 4500TL-D solar inverters
1 x Renusol Barn Mount roof mounting system
1 x L&G/Elster single phase generation metre
2 x Wireless remote monitors

With roof space at a premium, GreenGenUK was tasked with fitting the 20kW array onto the available space without drastically inflating the price of the system. As evident in the attached pictures, there wasn’t much room to play with.

A 20kW SolarWorld solar PV array

Estimated benefits from the PV array

In compliance with RECC code (the Renewable Energy Consumer Code), GreenGenUK has estimated that this system will:

Generate 19,076 kilowatt-hours of usable electricity per annum. This takes into account any potential shadings factors that could influence solar electricity generation.

After calculating the total generation of the solar system, we estimate that the customer will receive the following annual benefits:

Feed-in Tariff generation payments of £2,155 each year (total generation x current FiT rate)

Feed-in Tariff export payments of £462 each year (deemed at 50 percent of generation)

£1135 savings against electricity bills each year

This 20kW barn-mounted solar PV array will provide a total financial benefit of £3953 each year.

In addition to the financial benefits of this installation, the customer will also reduce their carbon output by 8.20 tonnes each year.

GreenGenUK estimates this system to have a payback period of 5.01 years and a 19.96 percent lifetime return on investment.

The Feed-in Tariff

Completed at the beginning of December 2015, this solar installation is eligible for Feed-in Tariff payments at the rate of 11.30p per kilowatt hour of electrcity generated by the array.

The Feed-in Tariff is a government-backed scheme that provides financial incentive to domestic and commercial customers switching to solar by paying them for the renewable energy they generate. Customers are paid for the solar energy they generate, in addition to any unused generation that can be exported back to the grid.

As recent proposals to slash the Feed-in Tariff by 87 percent are yet to be confirmed, GreenGenUK are still able to offer January solar installations that will only be subject to a 3.5 percent reduction in tariff payments. To find out more on installing solar in 2016, phone us in the office on 0800 093 3299 or fill out the enquiry form found at the bottom of this page.