With the maximum Feed In Tariff Payment set at 43.3p p/kWh for PV Systems up to 4kW, our customer wanted to install the maximum sized system he could up to 4kW.

PV System installed by ARC SW in Cornwall

We suggested using 17 x Schott 235w Pollycrystaline panels and Fronius IG TL 3.6 rated. We like to use the Schott Panels as we have had great succes on a number of installs using them and they come with great build quality, protection against salt air and a 25 year performance warranty, essential to any Feed in Tariff applicable install.

As St Agnes is a Worl Heritage Site, our Customer had to apply for planning permission for the installation. We were all very confident that he would have no problems and within 4-6 weeks he was given the go ahead!

The installation was carried out by 3 of our own installation team, Taking less than 2 days in total.

We think it looks pretty smart!