Another week, another oil boiler replaced by an air source heat pump installation by GreenGenUK.

A 14KW air source heat pump installation in Coverack, Cornwall

This 14kW air source heat pump installation replaced the property’s archaic oil boiler.

The heat pump supplies all of the home’ space heating and hot water demand. The installation of this Mitsubishi Ecodan unit is a great example of how air source can modernise a home’s heating system even in an older, traditional building.

Why this 14kW Air Source Heat Pump Installation?

The customer, based in Coverack, Cornwall, first contacted GreenGen to discuss what renewable options were available to them.

The homeowner’s primary goal was to upgrade their existing oil boiler, which was decades old. Reluctant to install another fossil fuel system, the customer had previously discussed a ground source installation. However, they were put off by the higher upfront costs and the disruption the installation might meant for their garden.

As such, an air source heat pump was the ideal heating solution for the home. Opting for air source kept the overall disruption to the home to a minimum. The 14kW Mitsubishi Ecodan fits snuggly alongside the external wall of the property. Furthermore, the number of internal changes were minimal.

As the bulk of the home’s energy use came from their old, inefficient boiler, switching to renewable heating reduces the property’s carbon footprint by a number of tonnes each year.

Why the Mitsubishi Ecodan?

Despite recent improvements to the home’s insulation, the size and nature of the property meant a higher output unit would be required. Due to the demand of the property and the customer’s eagerness to install a quiet, efficient unit, our proposal was for the 14kW Mitsubishi Ecodan.

After our initial site survey, we calculated the home to have a power heat demand of nearly 13kW. We then proposed the 14kW Mitsubishi unit as one of the market’s most efficient and quietest air source heat pumps. Although homes with granite walls and limited scope for further insulation may have a high demand, a well-designed air source heat pump solution can work well in a traditional setting. Maintaining a constant, ambient temperature and avoiding rapid heating and cooling is far better for the property. This helps to avoid the build up of damp but will also make a home more comfortable to live in .

Based in Coverack, an idylic Cornish seaside town but very close to the sea, Mitsubishi’s Coastal unit was an obvious choice. Mitsubishi’s Coastal heat pumps come with further corrosion protection to help prolong system life in highly coastal areas. Read more on Mitsubishi’s Coastal units on Mitsubishi’s website.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme

By replacing their fossil fuel system with this low-carbon heat pump, the customer received a £5,000 grant towards the upfront costs of their installation. The scheme is called the the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS).

While the UK continues its transition away from fossil fuel systems like oil and gas, the government continues to subsidise heat pump installations. The Boiler Upgrade Scheme provides a £5,000 incentivise towards renewable heating installations. The wider aim of the BUS scheme is to reduce the UK’s overall carbon emissions.

Currently backed until 2025, the Boiler Upgrade Scheme is likely to be extended until at least 2028. Interested in finding out more? Visit our BUS page or head over to Ofgem’s website for full details.

Considering a Heat Pump for your home?

Installing an air source heat pump is among the best way to reduce your home’s dependence on harmful fossil fuels.

Considering a heat pump installation? Start your journey by booking an appointment with one of GreenGen’s experts.