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11kW Vaillant flexoTHERM Installation – Ground Source Heating

An 11kW Vaillant flexoTHERM ground source heat pump

This GreenGenUK 11kW Vaillant flexoTHERM ground source installation was the first centralised heating system in the property. The heat pump provides all the home’s heating and hot water demand.

Having recently purchased the property, the customer based in South-West Cornwall was eager to install centralised heating. They were also keen to find a renewable way to power their home.

By opting for ground source heating, the home now boasts one of the most efficient heating systems on today’s market. The 11kW Vaillant flexoTHERM supplies all of the home’s heating and hot water demand and provides minimum running costs. Furthermore, MCS-approved ground source installations are eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive subsidy.

The Property

Covering approximately 200m2 and of traditional construction, this property – situated near Helston – required Vaillant’s largest single-phase ground source unit to supply its entire demand.

Because of the nature of the build and it’s thick stone walls, GreenGen and the customer agreed that the low-grade, constant heat provided by a heat pump was the ideal way to heat the property. Maintaining a constant internal temperature would mean less peak load on the heat pump and reduce the chance of moisture building up within the building’s fabric.

The Benefits

The home does not benefit from a mains gas connection. As such, oil or LPG were the only heating alternatives available. However, by opting for a ground source heat pump, GreenGen estimates the home’s running costs will be at least £800-a-year cheaper than with any fossil fuel competition.

In addition, this 11kW Vaillant flexoTHERM installation is eligible for a subsidy through the Renewable Heat Incentive – RHI – scheme. The RHI incentives the uptake of renewable heating solutions over fossil fuel alternatives.

The customer is set to earn in excess of £30,200 in payments over the next seven years. These payments alone will more than cover the installation’s cost.

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