Thanks to this renewable heating installation, the Cornish homeowner now benefits from reduced heating bills and lucrative Renewable Heat Incentive payments.

An 11.2kW Ultra Quiet Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump installed by GreenGenUK.

This Air Source Installation

This 11.2kW Ultra Quiet Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump replaced the existing oil system. Combined with a Mitsubishi heat pump cylinder, the heat pump provides 100% of the home’s heating and hot water demand.

Following on from an initial survey, GreenGenUK provided the customer with a full heat loss calculation and a detailed proposal. The proposal broke down the upfront costs as well as the likely system running costs and the eligible RHI subsidy payments. Based on this info and the technical detail given during the survey, the customer opted to proceed with the installation

Benefits of this 11.2kW Ultra Quiet Mitsubishi Ecodan

+ Savings over oil –

By switching to renewable heating, the homeowner is predicted to save in excess of £500 on their annual heating bills.

+ Renewable Heat Incentive –

As a result of replacing their oil system with air source, the homeowner is now eligible for RHI payments. Based on the property’s heat demand and the heat pump’s efficiency, annual incentive payments will exceed £1500.

The customer will earn a lifetime benefit through the Renewable Heat Incentive in excess of £11,700.

Read up on the RHI by clicking here.

+ Carbon Saving –

Again, replacing the oil boiler with an energy efficient, friendly air source heat pump slashes the home’s carbon footprint. This air source unit will reduce carbon output by more than 6 tonnes per year.

The Ultra Quiet Ecodan

Released earlier in 2019, Mitsubishi Ultra Quiet Ecodan offering upgraded their previous 8.5kW and 11.2kW air source heat pumps.

As well as being visually more attractive (in our opinion), the Ultra Quiet units provide greater levels of efficiency. Previously, the 11.2kW unti was a twin-fan but increase efficiency means the same power output can be achieved by a smaller, single-fan model.

See what Mitsubishi have to say about their Ultra Quiet Ecodans by clicking here.

Considering air source?

Air source heating is the the ideal replacement for any fossil fuel heating system but especially for homes heated by oil, LPG or direct electric.

Contact GreenGenUK today to discuss your heating demand and to arrange a free survey with a no obligation proposal.