GreenGen’s 1.59kW Canadian Solar PV array provides free electricity to the property and helped meet the required standard for Building Regulations sign-off.

A 1.59kW Canadian Solar PV system installed in Mawgan, Cornwall

This array was a requirement of Building Regulations to guarantee successful completion of the home’s SAP assessment. All in all, this 1.59kW Canadian Solar PV system will generate 1,534 units of usable electricity each year.

System Design

This solar PV array consists of:

– 6 Canadian solar 265W solar panels
– A Solis 1.5 solar inverter
Schletter slate mounting system
– A Rayleigh solar generation metre

Firstly, GreenGenUK were responsible for the design, supply and install of this solar array. Secondly, we handled the subsequent Feed-in Tariff application for the customer.

System Benefits

Following our initial survey, we’re able to calculate the future benefits of this 1.59kW Canadian Solar PV installation. The homeowner now receives the following:

Energy savings – this Mawgan-based customer is expected to reduce annual electricity spend by £184 a year.

Feed-in Tariff – after taking into account system design, size and orientation to equate total generation, we estimate this customer will see an annual benefit from the Feed-in Tariff of £105.

Carbon reduction – by reducing energy demand from the grid by replacing it with free, clean solar energy, the customer’s carbon footprint is cut. This installation generates a carbon saving of 0.66 tonnes a year.

Lifetime Benefits

Total lifetime benefit of:

– an 11.8% annual return on investment
– a 25-year carbon saving of 12.6 tonnes
– a return on investment in 8.5 years

Solar PV for New Builds

Including solar PV when submitting plans to Building Regulations is extremely beneficial for home-builders.

By producing energy on-site and reducing or eliminating grid supply increases the energy performance and rating of a build. This scores favourably when a proposed dwelling is assessed for approval. Solar PV is also a regular solution for customer’s who’s homes have failed their sign-off.

As a result of our status as qualified EPC and SAP assessors, GreenGen is well positioned to advise and propose solutions to aid in the smooth completion of a project.

Visit our ‘SAP Calculations‘ page for further information on how we can assist you with your build.