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What is solar thermal?

Solar thermal technology uses energy drawn from the sun’s light to generate low-cost, renewable energy to heat water in homes and businesses.
Similar to a solar photovoltaic system that also draws green energy from the sun, solar thermal technology primarily focuses on providing hot water.

How does it work?

A solar thermal system works by absorbing heat through solar panels, referred to as collectors, situated on or near to the desired building. The collectors use heat from the sun to heat up water which can then be stored, usually in a hot water cylinder, and used when required. A boiler or backup system can be used to further heat the water or if the hot water demand exceeds solar thermal production.

Why install solar thermal in your home or business?

Lowering the non-renewable energy required to heat the water and replacing it with free, renewable sunlight, solar thermal technology can provide several benefits to the owner.

Firstly, because of the lowered demand for fossil fuels to provide the energy to heat hot water, utility bills are lowered. It is estimated that solar thermal technology can reduce utility bills by anywhere up to 70 percent

Another main advantage of installing a renewable energy system, such as solar thermal, is a lowering of carbon emission and a reduced carbon footprint. This can be particularly useful to commercial building owners who need to meet government mandates to install renewable energy.

What can GreenGenUK do for you?

All of GreenGenUK’s solar thermal installations coincide with government incentive schemes that help to cover the cost of installation and provide financial benefits to those who opting for renewable energies in the home or business place.

Having installed solar thermal systems throughout Cornwall and the South West for a number of year, GreenGenUK has a vast array of experience in providing our customers with the best system solutions to match the individual needs of businesses and homeowners alike.

To find out how our systems can benefit you as a homeowner see our ‘Solar Thermal for Home’ page, or our ‘Solar Thermal for Business’ page for those looking to invest for the organisation.

Alternatively, if you would like to book a free renewable energy consultation and let GreenGenUK begin your journey into renewable energy installation, complete the form found at the bottom of this page.

Our projects

If you’d like it see some example of solar thermal systems fitted and installed by our highly-skilled team head over to our ‘Projects’ page to see what we’ve been up to.