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Increase how much of the solar energy generated by your solar installation you are able to consume and increase the financial benefit of your solar PV array by installing one of GreenGenUK’s solar PV extras.

You’ve probably realised it for yourself but the key to maximising the financial returns on your solar investment is to self-consume as much of the solar energy generated by your system as possible and minimalise the amount of unused energy that’s exported back to the grid.

It’s estimated that customers throughout the UK typically consume approximately 50 percent of the solar electricity they generate. Although changing consumption habits and running more appliances during the day can help to use more of your generation, it will only go so far. Installing one of the technologies referenced on this page will see self-consumption increase by anywhere between 25 and 50 percent and will up the financial benefits of your solar PV array significantly.

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How to maximise the financial benefit of your solar PV array

Consider this…

The vast majority of domestic and commercial solar PV installation in the UK are registered for Feed-in Tariff payments. Of these systems, almost all domestic installs and most commercial installs are registered with deemed Feed-in Tariff export tariffs of 50 percent. This means that your FiT provider deems that 50 percent of the generation from your solar PV array will be exported back to the grid and 50 percent consumed at your property. The good thing for the customer is that, due to the deemed nature of these payments and the absence of metring, you’ll be getting paid export for 50 percent of your solar generation whether it’s 50 percent you’re consuming or 100 percent.

So, if you’re self-consuming 75 percent of your generation you’ll still be paid export at 50 percent. So, the more of the energy we consume the more benefit you’ll see from your installation. Do exactly that with one of these technologies.

GreenGenUK’s Solar PV extras

Below is selection of our most popular solar PV extras that will boost your new or existing array.

Battery Storage – adding a battery storage solution to an existing solar PV array allows users to store their excess, unused solar generation via a battery for use during evenings or at times when solar generation doesn’t meet electricity demand. GreenGenUK has a variety of different battery storage solutions that are compatible with most existing solar PV installations. Visit our Battery Storage page for further information.

The Solar iBoost – the Solar iBoost diverts excess solar generation from your PV to your hot water tank to generate free water heating. The iBoost detects when solar generation exceeds consumption levels and diverts the extra electricity to generate hot water, as opposed to exporting it to the grid. The Solar iBoost can up self-consumption by as much as 30 percent. Visit our Solar iBoost web page for more information.

Energy Monitoring – installing an energy monitoring device in your home enables the user to better understand and interpret their solar generation and consumption in order to implement tactics that will up self-consumption of solar energy and increase the financial savings of your installation. Also, adding an energy monitoring device ensure any further installations can be completely justified. Visit our Energy Monitoring web page for more details.

Air Source Heat Pumps – slightly different and larger in scale, but installing an air source heat pump to run alongside a solar installation will increase the benefits of both systems. Air source heat pumps run off of electricity to generate heat from the air surrounding a property. Taking in low-grade heat and upgrading it means a heat pump can output over three times the energy they require to run. Using excess solar generation to run a heat pump ups self-consumption of solar energy and lowers the running cost of the heat pump unit. For more information on air source heat pumps and to see the various other benefits of renewable heating, visit our Air Source Heat Pump page.

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