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Battery storage solutions enable customers benefitting from solar PV to consume more of their solar generation by charging for use during the evening.

Battery storage allows homes and businesses to increase the amount of solar energy they can consume on site. Minimising export. Storage enhances the financial and environmental benefit of a solar array.

The problem

A combination of energy savings and Feed-in Tariff payments have made solar PV a lucrative investment for both domestic and commercial customers alike for a number of years.

However, solar systems produce the majority of their electricity during the day when the sun is shining. This happens to be when energy demand is lowest. As such, customers benefitting from solar tend to consume somewhere between 50 and 60% of the energy their system is generating. Unconsumed electricity is exported to the grid. This is of no further benefit to the customer.

In order to maximise return on investment and shrink energy bills further, solar customers have needed a reliable, effective and financially viable way to harness this extra energy.

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Introducing Battery Storage as the solution

By installing a battery storage solution to run alongside a new or existing solar array, homes and businesses are able to store their excess solar generation for use when demand exceeds generation or when no production exists.

Battery storage solutions charge a battery pack to prevent unused solar energy from being exported back to the grid. The charged battery discharges to provide energy to a property during the evenings.

By doing so, customers can reduce their energy supply from the grid and significantly lower their annual bills.

Homes and businesses installing a battery storage system can realistically expect to self-consume more than 95% of the energy produced by their solar PV array.

The Benefits of installing a Battery Storage solution

Energy Savings

By increasing the amount of solar energy that customers are able to consume and reducing energy supplied by the grid, battery storage reduces the customer’s annual energy bills.

Battery storage has the potential to save customers £100’s each year.

Carbon Reduction

Upping the amount of solar supplied electricity and decreasing provision from harmful fossil fuels via the grid reduces carbon emissions. As a result, less CO2.

This is of particular benefit to image-conscious companies or homeowners planning a new build with planning concerns.

Grid backup and grid charging

Certain battery storage solutions provide backup and grid charging facilities.

Firstly, installing a battery capable of providing backup from the grid prevents loss of power during an outage. Secondly, grid charging allows users who have installed battery storage to charge their device with energy supplied by the grid. The batteries charge off the grid when cost is lower and discharges when electricity prices are higher.

How does Battery Storage work?

Battery storage solutions charge from excess solar generation from a PV array.

This usually works as follows:

– Firstly, solar panels located nearby or on a property’s roof generate electricity.

– Secondly, solar energy supplies any devices drawing power. When solar generation alone cannot supply household energy demand power is drawn from the grid.

– Next, excess solar energy charges the battery when generation exceeds demands. Excess energy is exported to the grid.

– Finally, in the absence of solar generation, the battery supplies energy demand. This is most likely during the evening. The grid supplies energy again once the battery is empty.

Battery Storage Solutions

GreenGenUK has access to a number of different battery technologies. As such, we are able to tailor our solutions to best meet the aims and restrictions of each customer on an individual basis.

We select from a catalogue of market-leading brands to find compatible, cost-effective solutions designed to work with both new and existing solar installations. Find below some of our preferred battery solutions:

The Tesla Powerwall

GreenGenUK is a Certified Powerwall installer. We offer installation of the Powerwall to customers throughout the South West.

Based on years of Tesla research and development into battery systems, the Powerwall combines visually striking aesthetics with unrivalled levels of efficiency. All-in-all, the Powerwall provides customers with a completely automated system.

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