Energy Performance Certificate – EPCs

An Energy Performance Certificate, commonly known as an EPC, are an assessment of a commercial or domestic property’s energy and carbon efficiency, along with estimated running costs.

An Energy Performance Certificate will be rquired whenever a property is built, sold or let. GreenGenUK is able to offer our customers energy reports, regardless of the type of property and their requirements. For more information on the type of EPC relevant to you, click one of the below links:

Domestic Energy Performance Certificate

An EPC must be provided when a dwelling is built or marketed for sale. The EPC provides information on the efficiency and running costs of a building.

Commercial Energy Performance Certificate –

Commercial buildings require a different EPC. The intended nature and use of the commercial property will determine the type of EPC needed.

Commercial properties may also require a separate EPC for each unit or office. GreenGenUK can handle the whole project or parts of it.

On Construction Energy Performance Certificate –

Have you built a new property and need to register it with planning control? Are you in the process of building a property and looking to market it for sale? You will require an EPC.

On Construction Energy Performance Certificates are often more accurate than other types of EPC, as they have access to accurate plans and require no assumptions. On-construction EPCs are a result of a buildings initial SAP assessment.

Our experience and renewable background means we can make recommendations on the best systems to install, dependent on the ratings of the property. We can also suggest solutions that will help in the planning process and pass SAP assessments.