Renewable Consultancy Services

Are you a homeowner looking to install a renewable energy alternative and reduce the running costs of your property and or increase your home’s energy efficiency?

Are you a business owner looking to generate a second stream of income to future-proof your company or decrease the environmental impact of your day-to-day operations?

Are you planning to construct a new home or business site and need help incorporating renewable alternatives in order to obtain planning permission?

As a specialist and experienced installer of a wide range of renewable energy alternatives in Cornwall and the South West, with a rich background in plumbing and electrical work, GreenGenUK is well positioned to offer a host of renewable consultancy services to domestic and commercial customers.

Renewable Consultancy Services

Find out more about how GreenGenUK’s consultancy services can help with your project or to select the service you’re looking for, click the links below:

Heat Loss Calculations

In order to design and specify renewable heating solutions for projects, it is key that a heat loss calculation is first undertaken. By calculating the heat loss of a property, in addition to the heating and hot water demand, we are able to specify the most financially and environmentally beneficial system for each individual customer.

Specification and Design

As GreenGenUK is capable of installing renewable solutions and not just specifying alternatives, we are able to offer exact proposals for compatible systems. As such, we can act as a one-stop-shop solution for domestic and commercial customers delving into renewable energy.

Energy Monitoring

Attaining a better understanding of how customers are using and consuming energy puts us in a better position to recommend energy saving techniques and suggest compatible renewable alternatives. GreenGenUK has a range of energy monitoring devices that range in detail and connectivity. Energy monitoring devices enable customers to monitor their energy consumption in real-time and allows for more accurate consumption trends and demands to be apparent before long-term cost-saving procedures can be implemented.

Energy Performance Certificates

An energy performance certificate is an assessment of a property’s energy and carbon efficiency. An EPC grades properties on a variety of different criteria to provide an overall score. An EPC also provides recommendations on how a property can be made more efficient. It is a legal requirement that an energy performance certificate is provided whenever a property is being sold, rented or constructed. As such, GreenGenUK is certified to provide Domestic EPCs, Commercial EPCs, and On Construction EPCs.

Renewable Servicing and Repair – 

GreenGenUK offers servicing packages on all the renewable technologies they offer. This includes solar PV (photovoltaic), solar thermal, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and biomass boilers. Servicing on some renewable technologies is essential to meet warranty requirements, whereas some customers take out servicing packages for peace of mind and to ensure their system is functioning optimally.