Claim up to £500 towards the cost of purchasing and installing an EV charging point in your home with the OLEV grant.

The OLEV grant logo (Office for Low Emission Vehicles)

The OLEV grant (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) is a government scheme that incentivises the uptake of low carbon vehicles. Firstly, the scheme incentivises the uptake of domestic and commercial car charging.

OLEV Grant Summary

  • Up to £500 off of the cost of installing a home charging point
  • Available for most electric and hybrid cars
  • One OLEV claim per eligible vehicle
  • Two vehicles per household can claim OLEV

How do I qualify for the OLEV Grant?

Eligible new and used electric or hybrid cars purchased after 1st October 2016 qualify for the OLEV grant. Additionally, the following criteria need to be met:

  • All full-battery electric cars are eligible (click here for a full list of eligible vehicles)
  • Applicants must have off-street parking
  • Only OLEV approved charge points are eligible
  • Installation of the charging point must be no more than 4 months after EV delivery date
  • Installation of the charging point must be no more than 4 months after becoming the EV’s registered keeper
  • Only OLEV-approved installers can installed an eligible system

Claiming the Grant

Most OLEV-approved EV charge point installers will assist customers with their OLEV application or claim on their behalf. So you know, GreenGenUK is an approved OLEV installer.

Applications for OLEV are made in the build-up to or shortly following the installation of the electric charge point. The application primarily focuses on registration details of the electric vehicle and the EV charging point itself.

Want to know more about EV Charging?

As an OLEV-approved installer, GreenGenUK can help clear up any questions you have on EV charging or the OLEV.

Finally, call GreenGenUK today to find out more or to get a quote. Alternatively, visit our EV Charging webpage to learn more.